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“Show Me The Way Back Home” (Single) by Held Hostage

Artist: Held Hostage
Title: “Show Me The Way Back Home” (Single) w Joe Lynn Turner
Label: Independant
Release Date: 10/24/2018
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

Today is Veteran’s Day in these United States and in honor of the holiday, the American Rock Band named Held Hostage have offered up a tune that speaks from the mind of someone involved in conflict. The song begins with the Pledge of Allegiance which I felt was a fine touch based on our living in a time where Old Glory is not as respected as she once was. The mid-tempo tune showcases the pitfalls that many of our enlisted seemed to sadly face after active combat in faraway lands. Coming home to relatives that barely recognize them and to larger public scrutiny or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD for short).

At the end of the day the singer just wants to return “home” to a life that he remembers as being the best. Held Hostage is joined by the great Joe Lynn Turner for some vocals during the tune and the legendary singer fits in seamlessly. I think I would have preferred a solo line or two to make his appearance have a larger impact. It also closes with more of the Pledge of Allegiance. The single has a second track called “Take Me Away” which is a solid rocker that seems to speak of life in general as often something that is tough to handle but we must press on. Nice guitar solo during this one which showed a lot of flair and finesse. The band features Tom Collier (lead guitar/vocals) w Carl Canedy (drums), Freddy Villano (bass), Scott Greg and Jay Haiden.

I gave the song a fair rating based on the day it honors and based on all the former enlisted people I my family along with the friends who are fighting the good fight at this moment. Also, because the band is donating part of the proceeds from the singles sale to veterans’ groups which is never a bad thing to find being the case. I’ll close this one up now and add a word of thanks to all our armed forces. Thank you for your service. May your days be safe ones if you currently serve.

Track Listing:
1. Show Me The Way Back Home
2. Take Me Away (bonus track)

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