Shaw/Blades @ B.B. King Blues Club (3/21/2007)

Taking a breather from their duties in both Night Ranger and Styx, Jack Blades and Tommy Shaw embarked on an acoustic tour that found them offering up homage to their own musical influences. The guys stopped by NYC’s own B.B. King Blues Club and really delivered a sing along kind of night. We were on point for the occasion and if you want to learn more just scroll past the logo below.

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Artist: Shaw/Blades
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: none
Date: 3/21/2007
Label: VH1 Classic Records

Hot off the release of their second album of Classic Rock renditions, appropriately entitled “Influence” – New York City would enjoy an intimate performance with Jack Blades (Night Ranger) and Tommy Shaw (Styx). The pair would pick up their acoustic guitars and deliver one of the most inspiring and heart-warming shows of the year. Their talents are very well known based on their accomplishments with their legendary and still rocking main bands but tonight we would see a more back to basics view on what they can do with music. Having heard and reviewed their CD about a month ago I was very interested in this show since so many of the songs they did would bring back special memories. Judging by the visibly sold out B.B. King Blues Club venue, you could tell that many others had the same view about tonight. As you could expect this was going to be a great night of music and the guys would not only reach into their catalog of “Influence” but they would also touch upon the music of Styx, Night Ranger and Damn Yankees as well. Helping them with some additional vocals and backing guitar would be Will Evancovich. His presence would add to the fullness of the music as Tommy and Jack began to sing their hearts out. There was nothing rigid or stoic about the show either as the guys would frequently address the crowd with stories from life or about what the particular song meant to them. It was like being part of a very cool taping of the “Unplugged” show and the audience was responding with often resounding approval.

Tonight was something that I think everyone could enjoy and extend far beyond the capacity crowd in attendance. It’s obvious that songs like “Your Move” (the Yes cover) and “Sounds Of Silence” (from Simon & Garfunkel) would be tunes that you could hear a pin drop during – but what was so amazing was how great they would do these numbers. Running at about two hours in length the set list was chock full of incredible songs from Rock History’s most notable artists and as you took a glance around the room there were moments where the entire audience was singing along. I guess its true in saying that good music is timeless. Having the background of being an eighties rocker myself, I was really digging on the numbers they did from their individual bands. It was really a treat to hear songs like “Sister Christian”, “You Can Still Rock In America” and “High Enough” done in the acoustic sense and after they completed these particular ones I swore to dig up my old Damn Yankees and Night Ranger stuff once again. There were too many highlights to recall and I snared the set list from some people since I was guilty of not writing it down as it happened for a change. Hey, I was having a great time among friends while good music was going on so I am allowed as close to a night off from total work as anyone else. I know the also did “Norwegian Wood” but did not recall “Crystal Ball”, yet someone mentioned to me that they played it. I guess I was really having a good time and in the end that is what Shaw Blades were dishing out. Good times, good music —— good memories. If you don’t have the new album yet, do yourself and your memory a favor and get a copy. What’s your influence?

Set List:

1. Summer Breeze
2. Too Much Time On My Hands
3. Night Goes On
4. Your Move
5. I Am A Rock
6. It Does From Here
7. High Enough
8. For What Its Worth
9. Rock In America
10. Sound Of Silence
11. Dirty Work
12. Down That Highway
13. Sister Christian
14. I Stumble In
15. Fooling Yourself
16. Coming Of Age
17. California Dreaming
18. Boat On The River
19. Norwegian Wood
20. Blue Collar Man – encore
21. Crystal Ball – encore

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