“Sex Music” by Toilet Boys

Artist: Toilet Boys
Title: “Sex Music”
Label: Dead City Records
Release Date: December 11, 2007
Genre: Glam-Punk
Rating: 3/5

Hailed by many as the last of the old school NYC punk bands, the Toilet Boys disbanded rather than water down the onstage pyrotechnics following the tragic Great White nightclub fire of 2003, and this posthumous release features stuff that had been gathering dust, demos, and remixes of pre-existing material.

Definitely embodying a dying breed of Big Apple punker attitude and general sleaziness, the Toilet Boys could rawk ass with the best of them, but, save for a handful of standout tracks, you’d never know that from this album. That’s not to say “Sex Music” is by any means bad, but it’s hard to get a feel for the band from what amounts to a grab bag of odds and ends. The remixes are disposable attempts at retooling some harder pieces for the dance club crowd, so we’ll just let those go at that. The remaining eight tracks are evenly split between the mediocre and the utterly kickass, and the latter batch of tunes are well worth adding to your collection; a caffeine-jittery cover of the Ramones’ “Carbona Not Glue” is a welcome inclusion, and “Let’s Do It Again” scores as a solid bit of psychedelia, “Drug Of Choice” features guest appearances by “Pope of Trash” John Waters, ex-Blondie frontwoman Debbie Harry, and the Lunachicks’ Theo Kogan, but the crown jewel of the disc is without question “Gods & Monsters,” a plaintive and evocative account from the point of view of a lovesick rock musician. It’s a great song, and it would have made for an incredible cover by the Ramones.

The bottom line on “Sex Music” is that it’s certainly worth checking out, and the handful of gems are straight-up keepers.

Track Listing:
1. Sex Music
2. Nothing To Lose
3. Gimme Everything
4. Astrological
5. Gods & Monsters
6. Carbona Not Glue
7. Drug Of Choice
8. A Shot In The Dark
9. I Heard It’s The Softest Thing Ever
10. The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle
11. The Danger In Starting A Fire
12. Here’s To The Past

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/toiletboysnyc

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