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The Press Release:
Season of Mist are proud to announce the signing of progressive grunge rockers GARGOYL, which features guitarist Dave Davidson (REVOCATION) and guitarist/vocalist Luke Roberts (AYAHUASCA). The band will be releasing their debut full-length via Season of Mist later this year. Stay tuned…!

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Dave Davidson comments: “Season Of Mist have always been an unconventional label with a unique vision so we’re very proud to officially join their ranks. We look forward to our new partnership with SoM and can’t wait for you all to hear our debut album.”

For a glimpse of what’s to come, check out GARGOYL’s previously released demos via Soundcloud at THIS LOCATION. Davidson will attending this year’s NAMM conference in Anaheim, CA from January 16-19. He will be doing in-person signings at the Jackson booth on Saturday, January 18, at 12:00 P.M. PST.

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Season Of Mist’s GARGOYL by Samantha Carcasole

A blend of jazzy prog and frenzied grunge, GARGOYL doesn’t settle on any one genre marker. They prefer to forge their own niche in the musical ether with quiet subconscious exploration exploding into driving backbeats and soaring vocal harmonies. Featuring spastic metal outfit AYAHUASCA’s Luke Roberts on guitar and vocals alongside the virtuosic talents of REVOCATION mastermind Dave Davidson, this fresh collaboration sees the artists expand their current repertoire to create something that incorporates metal but grows outside its confines. 

GARGOYL Line-up: Luke Roberts – Guitar, Vocals, David Davidson – Guitar, Brett Leier – Bass, James Knoerl – Drums

STYLE: Progressive Grunge Rock

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: Since I was pretty much in the dark about the new project when I opened this announcement mailer, I clicked through to the Soundcloud and had to say that I liked what I was hearing. There is a slight Alice In Chains vibe to the vocals but there is a jazzier twist at some points that I was not expecting. This might be a hot new band my friends so you are going to want to get on board nice and early and be that guy in your own musical circle who says “Gargoyl? Oh yeah I’ve been listening to them for awhile now”. I’m game. What do you think of this news, providing you’ve listened to the sample tracks of course. I’d love to learn what you think about it all. See you next time.

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