Scorpions @ Hessentagsarena; Rüsselsheim, Germany (6/11/2017)

The Kat was continuing her Metal prowl across Germany and tossing back some views on truly great artists and sharing the skinny with us back home at the Metal Command HQ in NYC. As these came in I also made notes on where I will need to go should I ever get there and now we hear a quick summary of her Scorpions experience.

Artist: Scorpions
Venue: (Germany)
Opener: n/a
Date: 6/11/2017
Label: Universal Music

Written By: Katherine Wilson (copyright 2017) for

After ditching me to see the historic Deep Purple, my dad thought we was going to enjoy a night of rest at home sans concert. Wrong. I’ve only seen Scorpions as a clueless and young kid with a lack of familiarity as to who the people with funny accents were talking with my father, so I was going to attend a show I would remember.

Germany has produced its fair share of hard rock and heavy metal, but no act has had the stay that the Scorpions continue to enjoy 50 years on! Every single member of this legendary outfit was running around the festival stage as if they were 18 again. I met 2 pre-teens who had never been to a concert before and all they could say was, “When is the next show?”. It was great to share this amazing experience with them.

The crowd was huge for the festival, which also encompassed a number of activities such as beer-drinking and boat rides down the Main. The tip of the hat to Motorhead in honor of new drummer Mickey Dee was great, every fan favorite was played including a medley of uber-early tracks from the Uli Roth and Michael Schenker eras. As far as “farewell” shows go, Scorpions please by ensuring their last tour is one of their best.

Before I beat heat and flew out to a more foreign land, I needed one more show to send me on my way. Metal Church has been on my watch list since middle school, so I knew they wouldn’t disappoint.

Scorpions Set List:
1. Going Out With a Bang
2. Make It Real
3. Bad Boys Running Wild
4. The Zoo
5. Coast to Coast
6. Top of the Bill / Steamrock Fever / Speedy’s Coming / Catch Your Train (70’s Medley)
7. We Built This House
8. Delicate Dance
9. Always Somewhere / Eye of the Storm / Send Me an Angel (Acoustic Medley)
10. Wind of Change
11. Rock ‘n’ Roll Band
12. Can’t Get Enough
13. Overkill (Motorhead Cover)
14. Drum Solo
15. Blackout
16. Big City Nights
17. Coming Home
18. Still Loving You
19. Rock You Like a Hurricane

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