Scion A/V sez Shut Off The Light & Enjoy “Pitch Black” by Meshuggah

I’ve been trying to keep on top of when Scion A/V dishes out some free downloadable Metal for the masses and so far I’ve directed readers to these offerings with about a handful of postings right here on the PiercingMetal Blog. It’s been great to find them calling our attention to free music by Immolation, Enslaved, The Melvins, Arsis and Wormrot. Let’s face it, the economy sucks and prices are still going up so why not indulge in something free whenever it is possible. That being said the next free EP from Scion A/V gives the mighty Meshuggah a go round by giving fans two unreleased tracks by the band. Okay so perhaps two tracks seems kind of a bummer, but its still free and its still Meshuggah and most of that bands fans will take anything that they can get from them. The first track is a studio cut called, of all things, “Pitch Black” (hence the name of the EP) and its pretty solid and representative of what we expect from the group. The second cut is “Dancers To A Discordant System” which is recorded live. This track originally hails from the bands 2008 release “Obzen”. Clicking the album cover below will take you over to Scion A/V where you can download these tunes legally. How cool is that.

CD - Meshuggah - Pitch Black
Click The Cover To Download “Pitch Black”

Meshuggah is currently touring on the “Ophidian Trek” in support of their 2012 release “Koloss” and at the time of this posting are preparing for a second go round of said tour and making a stop in NYC with Animals As Leaders and Intronaut as support. If I attend the show you can count on a review for sure over on the main site. Now since I am unaware about how long these special EP releases are available on Scion A/V, I suggest that you get to downloading as fast as possible. You can thank them later and I think that you should.

Official Website: http:/
Official Website:

Don’t forget that there is a lot of great Metal in the back catalog of Meshuggah and you can order some or all of them via these links on 🙂 Each one offers up their unique brand of Technical Experimental Death Metal brilliance.

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