Scandal Postpones Two Tour Dates Due To COVID-19 Exposure

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The Announcement:
Unfortunately, We found out TOMOMI is testing positive with Covid, we will be unable to play our upcoming shows in Chicago (tonight) and Vancouver (7/18). We are working on the rescheduled dates and more info will coming soon.

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Please contact your local venue for any questions regarding your tickets. We are still hoping the remaining dates will happen as planned.

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: This sucks, it surely sucks because despite their plans I don’t see how all will be fine in only a couple of days. Having worked in the COVID Safety area as a freelancer for a few months I am rather up on the topic and am SO GLAD that I caught the band several days ago. Most of the crowd around me wore masks and I did as well but now so many places are letting go of that demand and it doesn’t even matter if you are vaccinated. Sigh. Let’s hope for the best of health for Tomomi and you know what, I also hope for all of you reading this update out there. Please be careful and don’t be afraid to keep your distance or sport a mask. These are still very trying times. Hopefully Scandal is back on point after the two missed dates. I will keep up on this news as well. The show was wonderful in NYC and I am still needing to pen that review. I’ve just been so crazy busy here and can only do so much. See you next time.


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