Scandal Cancels Remaining North American Dates Due To COVID-19 Exposure

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The Announcement:
Thank you so much for all your warm messages to Tomomi. Unfortunately, now Mami and Rina have testing positive and Haruna also have some throat pain although their tests are negative for now. We are very emotional and there is no easy way to say this, however, we have no choice but we need to cancel the rest of the North America tour including Seattle, Anaheim and Dallas.

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We know that there are many people who have waited for this tour for a long time and we were also really looking forward to sharing our music again after these last couple years. It’s absolutely heartbreaking that we cannot continue the tour anymore and have to return to Japan.

Please contact your local venue for the refunds of your tickets.

Thank you so much for all your continued support and we hope to meet everyone very soon!

Love Haruna, Tomomi, Mami, Rina

*** end of transmission ***

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