“Sandstorm” (Single) by Into Eternity

Artist: Into Eternity
Title: “Sandstorm” (Single)
Label: Independent Artist
Release Date: 7/25/2011
Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Rating: 4/5

You might have been wondering if you were ever going to hear from the Progressive Death Metal band Into Eternity again since it’s been quite a while since any new music have come from their side of the fence. To be honest, a three-year break in material isn’t THAT long but given the speed in which these growing Social Networks are taking over our time it can be a lifetime. The band is now doing this on their own without any support from a label and seems to no longer be associated with Century Media Records and while they welcomed drummer Brian Newbury to the fold, it seems as though singer Stu Block has joined Iced Earth as their new singer. Block is featured on this track so perhaps he is able to do both groups. Let’s go over the tune.

It starts off with a slow guitar riff and subtle bass from Roth and Bleich before slapping us on the side of the head as Block’s growls take over. A standout point in the intro is drummer Newbury who showcases a truly tasty bit of drum patterns. Though the band had been quiet the material presented here on the single is exactly what their diehards will remember loving them for. Excellent leads from Roth and Bender and as it played over my speakers I had my fist in the air and was singing along with the amazing harmony vocals that we get here. It’s a tune that will not only appease their original fans but hopefully direct some new blood to their cause. Welcome back guys, it’s been too long.

Track Listing:
1. Sandstorm

The song is available for the minor stipend of $1 on the bands Bandcamp Link HERE so please download an official copy and know that by doing so you are helping fund their future Metal awesomeness.

Official Website: http://www.intoeternity.net

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