San Diego Comic-Con 2023 Begins Today @ San Diego Convention Center

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Hey there my friends, I am going to start this one off in the same fashion that I have done before by saying how jealous I am of you West Coast readers who are into the Pop Culture geek stuff that we keep posting about because the Comic-Con International: San Diego begins today and we wish that we were going. It’s truly one of the biggest media events of the year for these interests and if you are attending to one of the biggest media events of the year. If you’re like myself, its most likely that you will be in attendance and I cannot wait to see everyone’s posts on YouTube and Instagram and the others. Though we are not attending, PiercingMetal has been helping to share the announcements about the convention with posts about what assorted vendors and publishers will be doing so just click HERE to see the full rundown. If anything else gets announced during the event I will do my best to get it all online for good measure. The event has been sold out for months and since last year was the return to being a public event this one should be a little more normal than the last time.

I’ve mentioned in the past that I’ve never been to this convention based on all the necessary logistics because a lot is involved with doing this one. It’s probably next to impossible to lock in the necessary media badge based on just how many are vying for it and then there is the travel, the lodging and mounds of stuff that you know you are going to want to purchase. I know for a fact that I would be visiting the Super7, Diamond and Funko booths right away. Still I will continue to support from afar and once again share the one souvenir I have from SDCC in this shirt that a friend gave me several years ago. I’ve shared it again because the amusing part of this image is that the year of that convention was when I begin to include coverage and photography of the New York Comic Con on this website. So much Pop Culture has been featured here since that time so long ago.

Now a convention like this means you need to be prepared and I am going to share the video that I recorded for last years New York Comic Con. Sure its a different event but much of the ideas and things I speak about in this are things you are going to likely need for such an adventure. I will say that I had emphasized some of the COVID-19 PPE stuff because when the New York Comic Con and Anime NYC conventions were happening in 2022, they advised all attendees that masked were required and would be enforced. I don’t think that San Diego Comic-Con is doing that this year as most places have dropped the need for masks. I do still wear mine on the train or when I am coming down with something to keep myself safe. This video was based off of another Convention Essentials Guide that was only text so I hope you enjoy the clip and give us a subscribe at the Channel.

That’s going to wrap it up for me, and if you are attending please have the best time and be sure to post lots of Instagrams and lots of Facebook, or TikToks and YouTube Shorts. I want to spend some time enjoying what you are seeing in person. See you again soon, thanks as always for reading and supporting


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