San Diego Comic-Con 2022 Begins Today!!!

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Hey my friends, I am going to start off by saying how jealous I am of you West Coast readers who are into the Pop Culture geek stuff we keep posting about because the Comic-Con International: San Diego begins today and we wish that we were going to one of the biggest media events of the year. If you’re like myself, its most likely that you will be in attendance and I cannot wait to see everyone’s posts on YouTube and Instagram and the others. Though we are not attending, PiercingMetal has been helping to share the announcements about the convention with posts about Ozzy Osbourne, Marvel and Image Comics along with some other coolness so please be sure to click that hyperlinked text to be in the know if you missed those posts when they first went live. You can also click the San Diego Comic-Con 2022 tag to be assured you didn’t miss a single post. One of the reasons I’m sad to not be a participant is because this is the return to being an in-person happening after a couple of years of pandemic absence.

Truth be told, I’ve never attended the San Diego convention despite having wanted too for quite some time. It’s difficult to be everywhere when you are a small operation with a limited budget and let’s face it….if I get to this one, in addition to the travel and lodging I would need to purchase all of the things…..The image below showcases an SDCC t-shirt from 2010 which was a gift to me from a comic book industry friend several years later. The funny thing about it is the year itself because that was when I actually begin to include coverage and photography of the New York Comic Con on this website. Since that time we’ve become as much Pop Culture geek as well as crushing Metal opinions. My father always says that the only constant is change and he is 100% correct on this.

I am looking forward to all of the reveals from the convention and especially the latest toys from Hasbro, Super7 and McFarlane Toys the most along with anything that starts with Marvel Studios. Heck, I will even keep my fingers crossed for some promising news from the DCEU side of the fence. If you’re heading to the event please be careful and don’t be afraid to wear a mask if you are feeling uncomfortable about it all. Those attending might want to refer to my handy “Convention Survival Guide” that I updated last year for the New York Comic Con. Though centered on that event, it really applies to other massive conventions like this one and the Anime NYC. See you next time.


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