Rocking Out With “Frampton Comes Alive” @ 40 Years

I’ve a question for all of you readers and that begins with a simple “Do You Feel Like I Do”? If you’re confused that’s actually the chorus of the hit song by rock guitarist Peter Frampton from the song that bears the same name and is one of the hits off of his seminal “Frampton Comes Alive” album from 1976. That album is celebrating its 40th anniversary today if you can believe it. It’s long been considered a staple LP to have in one’s Rock collection almost as much as the equally impacting KISS “Alive”. The interesting thing about “Frampton Comes Alive!” is that it also comes to existence as being the offering to his fans after four of his studio albums were not really selling all that well. This was the same deal with KISS who found that their three original studio releases were not reflecting their concerts and hence “Alive” was born.

“Frampton Comes Alive!” was an album that was regularly played on rock radio of the time and is most notable for the three main singles that were released from it. “Show Me The Way” was probably the most popular of the three with “Do You Feel Like We Do” coming up second. I’ve a lot of love for “Baby I Love Your Way” but since that is a Soft Rocker you weren’t going to hear that one as much as the others if memory serves me correctly. At the time of this albums release I was just finding my way into Radio Rock but it’s a little hazy so many decades later. Despite these three being the most popular of the offerings, this was a solid album from beginning to end as Frampton had a great voice and was an excellent guitar player as well. The former Humble Pie guitarist is joined by Bob Mayo, Stanley Sheldon and John Siomos on rhythm, bass and drums respectively. It would reach number 1 position on the Billboard Charts in April of its release year and since this original release time has sold in excess of 11 million copies. Thinking back on its anniversary I have to say that these three famous tunes still resonate with the original power that they did when I first heard them but nowadays I am also enjoying listening to the rest of it. Sadly, I’ve never caught Frampton in concert over the course of my concert attending years but at least this album lets you feel like you were back there in the crowd during his original heyday. Check out the full track listing of this double album blockbuster.

Track Listing:
1. Introduction / Something’s Happening
2. Doobie Wah
3. Show Me the Way
4. It’s a Plain Shame
5. All I Want to Be (Is by Your Side)
6. Wind of Change
7. Baby, I Love Your Way
8. I Wanna Go to the Sun
9. Penny for Your Thoughts
10. (I’ll Give You) Money
11. Shine On
12. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
13. Lines on My Face
14. Do You Feel Like We Do

As fellow rockers and readers with discriminating tastes, I hope that you have this one in your collection somewhere and if it’s been awhile since you’ve played it there is no time like the present to reflect upon its great melodies. What are your thoughts about this album if you own a copy. Let me know in the comments what it means to you as a body of musical work.

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