“Rock N Roll Hell” by Bubble

Artist: Bubble
Title: “Rock n’ Roll Hell”
Label: Basement Boy Records
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Glitter/Garage Punk
Rating: 9/10

This is the third album release from Bubble, who originally started out as a two piece with Bam (ex – Wildhearts, Dogs D’amour) and Share Pedersen (ex – Vixen, Contraband) in 1997. For this album “Rock n’ Roll Hell” Bam and Share have teamed up with Brian Wong to create a crazy combo of catchy melodies, loud guitars and in-your-face punk attitude. The songs on this album can come off as poppy, but mixed with the raspy vocals of Share and her killer guitar, you suddenly find yourself taken away to a dirty rock club, with cheap booze, decadence, and fist pumping rock n’ roll.

“Deadender” really delivers a punch with Share growling out, “Do you like it? Want some more? My life is never a bore” over screeching guitars. Bored you will NOT be with this album. Bam directed their own music video for this song, which is posted on their website for fans to view, so make sure to check it out. The album hits you right and left with songs about love, sex, anger, and passion – all the makings of a good raw rock record. The song “Kiss or Kill” gives off a spooky vibe as the you are asked to “take a trip to your funeral, who would you kiss and who would you kill?”, Share snarls. The assault continues with “Love Stains” addressing the pains of love, only to be followed up by the only semi-mellow tune on the record “Dead n’ Out In Hollywood”. This album hasn’t run out of steam yet, the following tracks continue to grab you with catchy melodies and anthem charged lyrics.

Definitely a great record, this isn’t your typical pop punk band, this is more aggressive and raw which welcomes a listen. It really shows off the mixing of styles the different members bring from previous musical projects with backgrounds in glam, metal, heavy metal and rock. Take a trip into a world of decadence, heaven was full, come down to rock n’ roll hell!

Track Listing:
1. Big Top
2. Deadender
3. Kiss or Kill
4. Break Me
5. Love Stains
6. Down n’ Out In Hollywood
7. Headcase
8. I Hurt Myself
9. Mistake
10. I’m Alright Jack
11. Bread and Butter

Official Website: http://www.planetbubble.com

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