RIP: N.Y. Yankees Ultimate Fan – Freddy “Sez” Schuman (10/17/2010)

It’s with great sadness that I report to the readers of this blog about the passing of the biggest fan of the New York Yankees baseball franchise – Mr. Freddy “Sez” Schuman who passed away on 10/17/10 after suffering a heart attack a few days ago.  He was 85 years old. You might be wondering why I’ve chosen to add such an individual and give them props in a primarily music related blog’s memorial category, but my reasoning for this is simple.  As a music journalist I know full well about how important the fans of the bands I write about are. I meet so many of them in my adventures and often applaud their interest and zeal in the music scene along with the various groups.  That being said, the New York Yankees were blessed to have a fan like Mr. Schuman who rallied the fans to the charge by banging on a heavy steel pan with a thick spoon.  Had you watched any of the teams games over the years you would have likely heard this clanging going off during a lot of their home ones.

Freddy "Sez" Schuman

I had the opportunity to take the photo above when the brand new Yankees Stadium was hosting an event for the grand opening of the new Hard Rock Cafe that would be on its premises.  As I walked up to secure my credentials I saw Freddy and introduced myself.  He seemed like a truly genuine person and one who was sure that his time would bring home the bacon this season in terms of a World Series win.  They would do this of course which must have made him very happy.  I was not locked into watching the season myself based on all my concert adventuring but I do lean Yankees and was glad to see them win as well.  Given how loud this pan rings when its hit, you know the players had to hear him doing it when it mattered most.

PiercingMetal Ken P & Freddy Sez

I also was able to take a photo with Freddy that day once the Hard Rock event had finished as he was still walking around and I guess making his own way into the stadium for the pre-season game that was being held.  I did try to get him to make the Metal “horns” with me but he was more intent on my hitting the famous shamrock painted pan which I happily did.   As you see I was sporting the horns for the Yankees cause while holding the spoon of glory.  It was a pleasure to meet with Freddy on this particular day and as I said I always admire the hard core level of spirit in some of the fans I get to talk to.  While I admit to also being a of the things that I write about I have to say that sometimes being the professional in the realm makes you appear as if you are just doing work and have no real interest.  Let Freddy’s memory inspire your own level of fan support for whatever it is you enjoy and take part in because your dedication and devotion to them whether they be sports or music is what drives them to work harder and succeed better.  Goodnight Freddy, say hello to Ronnie James Dio and Peter Steele for me.

Freddy’s Wikipedia Entry can be read HERE.

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3 thoughts on “RIP: N.Y. Yankees Ultimate Fan – Freddy “Sez” Schuman (10/17/2010)”

  1. Nice memorial. I remember meeting Freddy for the first time when I was just a teen. It was after a Yankees game and I was lucky enough to ride the subway with Freddy and he was sharing lots of Yankees stories with me and my friends during our train ride. It was a very special moment.

  2. Freddy was the ultimate Yankee Fan and I will always remember hitting his pan with that old spoon. Thanx for the memories.

  3. You have to love and respect that passion…and this is coming from a Mets fan! Nice tribute. Thanks for posting. God Bless Freddy.

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