“Rev It Up” (remaster) by Vixen

Artist: Vixen
Title: “Rev It Up” (remaster)
Label: EMI Music
Release Date: 10/2004
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 5/10

It seems as thought EMI wanted to take advantage of the VH1 Program “Bands Reunited” when it thought to re-issue the two albums by the all-girl “Metal” band Vixen. The sophomore effort by the band really was nothing all that special, and simply contained more of the same thing that the band featured on their self-titled release. Granted the girls knew how to play, but it was simply just “nice rock” if you needed a title. This record suffers from sounding a little too much like the manner of music that Heart had been playing for a couple of years so it loses a little based on that. Also when you held them up against the Pat Benatar or Lita Ford’s and Joan Jett’s it simply did not cut the mustard.

There are a couple of numbers that do stand out such as “Love Is A Killer” and “Hard 16”, yet nothing that is the hit material of the “Edge Of A Broken Heart” which broke some ground for these young ladies. While it was a nice blast from the past to hear them again, I really think only their die-hard followers from way back when would look to pick this up. Maybe to replace a worn out vinyl copy of the same piece. New fans from the show might be best served by a hits piece as I know one is around.

As mentioned the band was recently featured on the VH1 show, and they got together for one night and performed. The show really only shows one song and not the rest of any music that is played which is a shame since they should really showcase the whole thing for some of these bands might never do this again. I am thinking some bands from the 80’s are better left there to the fond memories. Vixen – while a rocking group of girls is probably one of those bands. The music sounds too dated after the years.

Track Listing:
1. Rev It Up
2. How Much Love
3. Love Is A Killer
4. Not A Minute Too Soon
5. Streets In Paradise
6. Hard 16
7. Bad Reputation
8. Fallen Hero
9. Only A Heart Beat Away
10. It Wouldn’t Be Love
11. Wrecking Ball

Editor’s Note: This article was written for another medium prior to the 2005 launch of PiercingMetal.com and has been added to our content for your enjoyment.

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