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ReedPOP Announcement: “Anime Fest @ NYCC x Anime Expo” is Back

Fans of the Anime and Manga side of the fence were rather excited when the juggernaut that is New York Comic Con brought back an Anime focused event that would run in tandem with its main Javits Center event. Just a short while ago, ReedPOP announced the return of this part of the spectacle for its sophomore go-round. Read down below to the full press release and know that I will return at the close with additional editorial.

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The Press Release:
Over the past seven months, we’ve spent countless hours talking with publishers, exhibitors and most importantly, listening to the feedback from you, our fans. We know last year wasn’t perfect and we under-delivered on the experience. What’s become crystal clear through all the feedback we’ve received is that there is an insatiable desire for additional anime content at NYCC. With this in mind, we’re so excited to finally share our plans with you.

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Anime Fest 2019 is our celebration of your love for all things anime. Located just a block away from the Javits Center, it will be the NYCC home for exclusive and intimate anime panels and signings, interactive and immersive experiences, after hours parties, and a place to geek out and connect with other fans in a space that NYCC has created just for you. Here are the details!

Venue Change:
Anime Fest has moved from the Pier to the Hudson Mercantile in order to bring the event closer to the heart of show. A big part of coming out to NYCC is planning ahead and the distance between locations and venues is important, so this was our number one priority in terms of logistics for this year. NYCC already houses an amazing amount of anime content and this puts #AFNYCC right back into the middle of the action.

Guests & Content:
We’ve also worked to be more in sync with our other NYCC events so you’ll find more anime E V E R Y W H E R E. In addition, Anime Fest will have intimate and exclusive panels and signings so you can get up close and personal with talent. We’re working with our friends at Anime Expo to make sure the content you see this year is the best representation of anime content that you’ve seen at NYCC in previous years.

The panels and signings with talent will be separately ticketed to guarantee you the opportunity to meet your favorite anime personalities and have an experience you won’t forget. The other cool thing this year is that the 1st floor of the building will function as an Anime Fest HQ. This community hub will be open to both NYCC badge holders and Anime Fest ticket holders alike, featuring interactive and immersive experiences and opportunities to connect with other fans just like you.

Thanks to everyone who gave us their feedback. We’re always listening so that we can give you the best experience possible. Our business is making you happy and we’re so excited to help you make memories that will last you a lifetime. We know you have to make choices with how and where you spend your time, and we are beyond grateful that you choose us.

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: Folks who might have read my coverage of the 2018 New York Comic Con (seen HERE in case you are new to the broadcast) will recall that I didn’t manage to make it over to the Anime Fest for even a single minute. This was mostly based on the logistics and overall exhaustion that one faces during the NYCC Proper event. They held the Anime Fest over at the piers on 57th street which was about a mile away and something that was not easily accessed by mass transit without a lot of jack-assing about. One would have had to get the “7” train to 42nd Street for a transfer further uptown and then bus down to the pier but I remember on that weekend last year that the “7” train was not running due to maintenance. With all this in mind I am glad that they are trying again and bringing it closer to Javits because now it allows for an easier exploration. As I close this notice up I wonder what my Anime and Manga fan readers think about it. Are you excited or will be more looking forward to the closer to happening Liberty City Anime Con or the Anime NYC event that comes post NYCC. If you went last year to this I’d love to hear from you about it. See you next time.

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