Reading “The Misadventures Of Electrolyte and The Justice Purveyors” #2

“Megalopolis is a virtually crime-free city. That’s great for the citizens of Megalopolis, but not for its superheroes. Now superheroes must compete against each other for work and no one is more affected by this plight than The Justice Purveyors. Led by Electrolyte, The Justice Purveyors primary stock and trade has been chasing reckless jaywalkers, dealing with drunk and disorderlies, scofflaws and general cases of moral turpitude”.

As previously notes, such is the premise of “The Misadventures Of Electrolyte and The Justice Purveyors”, a superhero comedy series from writer Patrick Reilly and artist Butch Mapa. We met Patrick at the NY Comic Con back in 2010 and he gave me the first issue for site review. You can examine our review by clicking HERE and now it’s onto the second issue.

“Electrolyte & The Justice Purveyors” #2

Issue Two Overview: The second issue continues around the same future time where our debut issue left off. Sparkler and Electrolyte are an official couple and they have a child together. They also seem to have a guest resident with Scabie who is beginning to get on Electrolyte’s last nerve. The team feels it needs to work on itself and comes to the conclusion that they need a Life Coach of some kind. Their first pick was a popular television one but when they meet him he is nothing more than a hype man for a multi-level marketing scheme. He tries to sign the group onto his team to put him higher on the earning platform but they will not go for it. They then meet up with the Purple Claw who does seem legit at first but really puts the team though ridiculous and demeaning tasks in order to help build their esteem. All of these activities are being done for insidious reasons as the Purple Claw wants to lead the team and the learning’s are being used for the benefit of a new super villain in Electrolyte’s rogue’s gallery, the nefarious Cottonmouth. Her powers are to dry everything up so she essentially amounts to the other side of Electrolyte’s coin. The story ends in a cliffhanger and will surely make issue #3 a fun read.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I enjoyed reading this one and finding more characters being introduced to the Electrolyte mythos. The super heroes of Megalopolis all seem to convene at a local bar to unwind and I found this funny. While at the bar we find Muscle Head of The Perfect 4 coming off like that idiot “The Situation” from the Jersey Shore program as well and being shut down. I wonder if the association was planned by Reilly when he penned the tales. The new super villain holds some promise but it’s too soon to say what kind of trouble she will be for the hero. I liked how this ended in the cliffhanger because it keeps you excited about the story and anxious to find out what is going to happen next. After the tale has been told there is a great interview with Patrick Reilly who outlines just how the book and characters came together. I had to say that I liked reading this as well and recommend that you take the time and do that yourself.

Below is another picture from that first meeting and this time around we get to see the vision that is Sparkler from the “Electrolyte and The Justice Purveyors” comic.

The Lovely “Sparkler” @ NYCC

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