Rawr; Sister Sin’s Liv Jagrell Is In Penthouse Magazine

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Winter is sure going to get a lot hotter now that Sister Sin’s awesome lead singer Liv Jagrell will be gracing the pages of this months issue of Penthouse Magazine. Yep, you read that correctly….Liv Jagrell is going to be in Penthouse but please don’t lose your sh*t about it because its a part of their “Sirens” column and is a very tastefully done shoot with an article about the band. Check out more below.

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As you can tell, Penthouse Magazine is very excited about getting Liv Jagrell into the issue. “Liv Jagrell of Sweden’s Sister Sin has powerful pipes, a hot body, and can definitely kick your ass,” Penthouse writes. “With the band’s fifth album, ‘Black Lotus,’ and a fall European tour under her belt, she’s poised to dominate the U.S. heavy-metal scene … Jagrell’s voice transcends most modern metal singers, invoking more the classic, soaring sound of Judas Priest’s Rob Halford or maybe even Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson. When she’s not recording or on the road, her ‘day job’ is just as metal—she’s a personal trainer who can kick your ass and make you do squats till you puke.”

Liv Jagrell c/o Penthouse Magazine
Liv Jagrell c/o Penthouse Magazine

Jagrell discussed this Penthouse shoot in her interview with Decibel and states:

“Our label, Victory Records, has a very good relationship with Penthouse—they do a lot of interviews with Victory’s bands in the music section,” Jagrell says. “So, they asked Victory which artists are releasing an album soon. Victory told them about Sister Sin and that the singer is female. That’s how Victory got interested. I think Penthouse would’ve done just an interview like they did with the other bands, but they asked me to do some pictures that would be just for Penthouse instead of using older band pictures. But from the beginning, I said it would have to be classy. And the interview is about Sister Sin, not me personally. So, it’s classy pictures that I could put up anywhere.”

PiercingMetal Thoughts: It’s been a long time since I have purchased a magazine like this one and I think the last time that I did was when KISS was in Playboy back in 1999. They had done a pictorial with several girls in KISS makeup if you didn’t know. Liv will not be nude in the photos in Penthouse and I hope that this helps the cause of Sister Sin because they are a great band and the interview is about them all and not just a “Let’s talk about Liv” sort of thing. The print medium has suffered since the Internet got popular and ESPECIALLY with stuff like this and anything naked in general. I cannot even remember a time where anyone in my circle had proclaimed, “hey I need to grab the new Penthouse today” but I guess this will be popular with the most ardent fans of the band whether they are regular readers or not. It surely gives the band something interesting to sell at their merchandise table and have Liv sign. Judging by the photo that I snagged above, these are very classy shots as she has stated and actually also very stylish sexy. Nice work by photographer Jen Hell. Of course you will need to be over the age of eighteen to purchase this because there is explicit nudity displayed around the rest of the magazine. Cover girl Aspen Rae is definitely naked in there (and also quite stunning so uhm yeah). What do you think about this little development in Sister Sin’s world?

Official Website: http://www.sistersin.com
Official Website: http://www.penthouse.com (NSFW and 18+)

I’ve embedded links to purchase both this issue of Penthouse and the latest Sister Sin album on Amazon.com in case you were interested.

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