“Rapture of the Deep” Special Edition by Deep Purple

Artist: Deep Purple
Title: “Rapture of the Deep” – Special Edition
Label: Eagle Records
Date: 6/27/2006
Genre: Rock
Rating: 9/10

So much positive praise has been written about Deep Purple’s “Rapture Of The Deep” that it almost was expected of the band to release a double CD special edition not long after the initial release. The reaction by the general public to the newest album by these elder Statesmen of Rock was both incredible but yet very richly deserved. It’s 2006 and Ian Gillan now leads the charge with two original members gone off to other pursuits or well-deserved relaxation. Today we find Ritchie Blackmore playing “Renaissance Fair Rock” with his partner Candice Night while Jon Lord chose to retire from touring and recording. In their place we find Steve Morse, an incredible technician on the guitar and Don Airey on keyboards who brings to the table experience gained touring with “insert artist here”. I note it like that for Don’s contributions to Rock music would very easily fill this entire page. Bass and drums are still adeptly handled by Roger Glover and Ian Paice. Gillan can still deliver when you take stock of the whole album and it’s what made me save him for last. His pipes a little softer at times, but when necessary he can belt it out just like he used to. When you listen to the recording you would hardly think that this was a band that was formed some 37 years ago. Tracks like “Money Talks” that are loaded with the signature keyboards expected in a Purple song and “Junkyard Blues” remind you that this band has not yet lost its luster but instead chosen to shine up the model just a little more for the diehard supporters they have kept throughout the years.

The Special Edition takes the impact of the initial release and targets you as the listener especially if you somehow missed out on the album when it was first released. They are sure to snare you for not only does it include a different version of “Clearly Quite Amusing” but they also deliver five live tracks to enjoy. The tracks were recorded in The Hard Rock Café in London back in October 2005. The band knocks out a couple of songs from this recording but also slam through three of their most cherished classics. The performance alone is one that makes you want to have the band on tour in your town soon as you easily see that not only do they rock on record but they truly kick ass on the stage. Not bad for a bunch of old timers huh. The bands of today would do well to refer to the masters from time to time and be reminded how it is done.

Original CD: Money Talks, Girls Like That, Wrong Man, Rapture Of The Deep, Clearly Quite Absurd, Don’t Let Go, Back To Back, Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, MTV, Junkyard Blues, Before Time Again. Look for our review of this elsewhere in the site.

Track Listing CD2:
1. Clearly Quite Absurd – new
2. Things I Never Said
3. The Well-Dressed Guitar – studio
4. Rapture Of The Deep – live
5. Wrong Man – live
6. Highway Star – live
7. Smoke On The Water – live
8.Perfect Strangers – live

Official Web site: www.deep-purple.com

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