Rage Against The Machine To Re-Unite; At Coachella 2020

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So it was only yesterday where revealed how the band My Chemical Romance was reuniting for a single show in California (seen HERE in case you were too busy trick or treating). That must have put the Powers That Be in reunion land on notice because now it appears that Rage Against The Machine is also reuniting and will play a handful of shows that include two appearaces at Coachella in 2020. With every single web outlet seeming to post the news, how could I stay away from tossing my hat into the mix.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Truth be told, I never really followed RATM or bothered to try to catch a live performance back when they were in their heyday. I liked a few songs and enjoyed some of the videos that I saw but that was enough for me. They were more of the kind of thing my friends were following and that is what keeps musical discourse between friends an interesting thing. I do love reunions and special event performances so this is pretty much a big deal in terms of happenings and should the group decide on a NYC appearance, I would want to be there as a scribe doing the reporting thing. That’s all I have to add to the mix and I wonder if you readers were big fans or managed to catch them live ever in your life. You can chime in down below and let me know how excited or not that you are about this news. See you next time.

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