Rage Against The Machine Cancels UK and European Tour Dates

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Fans who’ve been witnessing the socio-political Metal that is Rage Against The Machine on these last few dates have seen singer Zack De La Rocha doing the show while seated. The singer had recently injured his leg badly during a performance but in a true “the show must go on” move, he has done the shows seated since that time. Unfortunately, this is not helping in his proper recovery and just a short time ago the announcement came that ALL upcoming 2022 dates are cancelled.

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Here’s a visual of the cancelled dates. I didn’t retype them in the interest of time. Just zoom the screen if you can’t read them 🙂

rage against the machine

Last but not least the confirmed dates which end with this Madison Square Garden run and pick up once again in a few months in 2023.

rage against the machine

PiercingMetal Thoughts: This surely sucks for the fans of the band who were hoping to see them on the cancelled dates. I’m still hoping to catch one of the MSG shows because I’ve never ever caught them before and the videos that I’ve seen from the shows that happened looked sick as hell. Closing up we wish Zack the best possible recovery and that he is back to proper rocking ASAP. What do you readers think about the news? Chime in down below in the comment section and I will see you next time.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RATM

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