R.I.P.: Jim Marshall “The Father Of Loud” (4/5/2012)

Today is a sad one in the world of music as we have lost another great innovator, the one and only Dr. Jim Marshall, “The Father Of Loud” who is most known for his developments in sound and the creation of the legendary Marshall amplifier. I’m sure you’ve seen these around quite often, and especially so if you follow the Rock and Metal genres.

As a drummer myself I was surprised to learn that early in his career Dr. Marshall often filled in on the drums. It was in the early sixties that he toiled to develop this eventually important amplifier and Rock music has never been the same since. In honor of the Father Of Loud, please turn your amplifiers down to silent for a few minutes as you reflect on his great devices and how they help you musicians do your thing. Then in his honor, play it as loud as you can without making the neighbors complain and if they do, who gives a damn. Thanks for your innovations Dr. Marshall, on behalf of all the musicians that I have known in my life who used your gear and those who read this website, we send condolences to his family and friends. May you Rest in Peace.

Learn more about Dr. Marshall on his Wikipedia entry HERE

Official Website: http://marshallamps.com/

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