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Quibi Presents: “Most Dangerous Game” Official Trailer 2

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It was back in April when I discussed this at the time brand-new short form streaming service called Quibi and one of the series that would fall into the interest base of this kind of websites readership. The series was “Most Dangerous Game” and just click HERE to see that launch post as it also links to the trailer one. I never signed up and then found it interesting to see a second trailer for the show being presented almost 3 months after it had completed. Anyway, without further adieu here is that second trailer.

The Premise:
Suffering from terminal brain cancer and with his family’s future unclear, Detroit everyman Dodge Tynes accepts an offer from a charming businessman named Miles to participate in a big game hunt in which Dodge himself is the prey.

The Cast:
Liam Hemsworth as Dodge Tynes
Sarah Gadon as Val
Christoph Waltz as Miles Sellars
Zach Cherry as Looger
Chris Webster as Nixon
Billy Burke as Reagan
Jimmy Akingbola as Carter
Natasha Liu Bordizzo as Kennedy
Patrick Garrow as LBJ
Carolina Bartczak as Wife

movie posters, promotional posters, most dangerous game, quibi, cbs television studios

movie posters, promotional posters, most dangerous game, quibi, cbs television studios

movie posters, promotional posters, most dangerous game, quibi, cbs television studios

About Quibi: Quibi (/ˈkwɪbi/ KWIB-ee) is an over-the-top American short-form streaming platform that generates content for viewing on mobile devices. It was founded in August 2018, in Los Angeles, as NewTV by Jeffrey Katzenberg and is led by Meg Whitman, its CEO.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: : So as I mentioned in the launch post, while the series intrigued me, I wasn’t really ready to commit to anything like this for fear of constantly forgetting to cancel past the trial period. Given the times we are embroiled in due to the pandemic, I could easily see this happening to me and right now all the money is needed for the bills and to eat. Like many of our readers, this crisis has hit hard in the pocket but hey at least I’ve been able to get my DVR down to a normal level again. It was at just under 99% or something close when this began and now it’s at about 15%. So did you readers like this trailer? I am looking at those of you who were not early adopters because this is clearly aimed at building an even newer subscriber base. You can chime in down below in the comments section because I always love hearing from you. Like I said, I was intrigued but not ready to commit. I’ll see you again soon since its been ridiculously busy here at the Metal Media Command HQ and oh yeah before we go, one more shameless plug.

PS: I made a hopefully useful bunch of notions that will make this quarantine time a potentially productive one if you are looking for some things to distract you. Read that over on “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” by clicking HERE.

Official Series Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Most_Dangerous_Game

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