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“Protect The Future”, “Change The Future”; Marvel’s “Civil War II” Is Coming

According to press releases “Civil War II is an upcoming comic book crossover event published by Marvel Comics that is scheduled to debut in June 2016. The limited series, created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artists David Marquez and Justin Ponsor, is a sequel to 2006’s Civil War. In Civil War II opposing factions of superheroes lead by Captain Marvel and Iron Man battle in an allegory about determinism versus free will” – For the past couple of weeks I had been receiving variant covers that showcase the exciting players in this conflict and as new ones arrive I will append this posting. Check them out down this post.

Logo - Civil War II

The Marvel Universe is at a crossroads. A new power has emerged, one that can predict the future—for good or ill— and the heroes of the Marvel Universe are faced with a choice: Wield the power of “predictive justice” to change the future as they see fit, or reject it and allow tomorrow to unfold unaltered. Protect the future. Change the future. Choose your side.

Which side will the Amazing Spider-Man choose?

Which side will Black Panther choose?
Which side will Black Panther choose?

Which side will Deadpool choose?
Which side will Hawkeye choose?
Which side will Jean Grey choose?
Which side will Medusa choose?
Which side will Ms. Marvel choose?
Which side will Old Man Logan choose?
Which side will Rocket Raccoon and Star-Lord choose?
Which side will She-Hulk choose?
Which side will Spider-Man and Captain America choose?
Which side will Thor choose?

It’s been revealed that Iron Man’s team will include Captain America (Sam Wilson), Thor (Jane Foster), Black Panther, Star-Lord, Luke Cage, Hercules, Miss America, Daredevil, Black Widow, Hulk (Amadeus Cho), and Deadpool.

Protect The Future
Protect The Future

Captain Marvel’s team will include Captain America (Steve Rogers), War Machine, Spider-Man, Vision, Medusa, Blue Marvel, Winter Soldier, Spectrum, She-Hulk, Hawkeye, and Ant-Man.

Change The Future
Change The Future

PiercingMetal Thoughts: It will be interesting to see what develops in this story line considering it will follow the film release of “Captain America: Civil War” by a couple of months and readers will still have the outcomes of that film on their minds. Yeah I know these are two different world’s in the Marvel Universe but you know what I mean.

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