“Promised Land” (remaster) by Queensryche

Artist: Queensryche
Title: “Promised Land” (remaster)
Label: EMI Music/Capitol Records
Release Date: 6/10/2003
Genre: Progressive Rock
Rating: 7/10

Queensryche would continue its progression into a slightly different style from their origin on “Promised Land”. The album would follow hit maker “Empire” after a long break in releases for the band was almost always on tour. Released in 1994 we find a very different Queensryche and the end result makes “Promised Land” a very tricky record to absorb. While there are some solid rocking tracks like “I Am I” and “Damaged” there are also a few that seem out of place in this particular band (“Dis con nect ted”). “Bridge” is a nice ballad and would have made a good single for the band but I don’t recall it getting much radio play. The times of the day were loaded with other Seattle bands now as the “grunge movement” was in full sway and dominating every medium available. The title track itself has a very Pink Floyd feel to it and perhaps owes some respect to the legends for the way it ebbs and flows. At this point Queensryche had their core following and it seemed to maintain its course from there. Those that wanted heavy music had long since stopped and perhaps the mega hit of “Silent Lucidity” from “Empire” while making the necessary financial changes to their lives ended up costing some of those who supported from the beginning.

Time and music changes all the time and Queensryche proved this very clearly with each release as it allowed them growth and exploration into different styles. This might have been done to keep them relevant against the day’s music or to keep it interesting to them as well. “Promised Land” is more Hard Rock than anything else with the band moving to a straight ahead format more than progressive or truly heavy. The release of this album is more for the hard core fan at this point. This “darker” album would appeal a little more to those who found “Empire” a disappointment.

As with the remasters in this catalog, the Queensryche issues provide expanded artwork and liner notes. Bonus tracks that are relevant to the time of this albums release are also included and in this case are some live versions of some of the songs on the original studio record.

Track Listing:
1. 9:28 AM
2. I Am I
3. Damaged
4. Out Of Mind
5. Bridge
6. Promised Land
7. Dis Con Nect Ted
8. Lady Jane
9. My Global Mind
10. One More Time
11. Someone Else?
12. Real World – bonus
13. Someone Else? – bonus
14. Damaged – bonus live
15. Real World – bonus live

Official Web site: www.queensryche.com

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