ProgPower USA Reveals 2020 Day 2 Lineup

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It was way back in early September when I shared the details about Day 3 & Day 4 of the ProgPower USA Festival for 2020 – Instead of repeating myself, I’ll just send you HERE to examine all of the details about those two days so you can scramble for tickets if you are only just now learning this news. Today I am here to share what is happening on Day 2 of this popular Metal Music Festival. I know, it seems weird that D3 and D4 get announced first but what can you do. I was not in the Marketing meetings. Though there were some Vimeo links to share, I had some issues with them in WordPress so am leaving you kind readers with just the poster for this alert.

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The Lineup: Stratovarius, Pain Of Salvation, The Ocean, NorthTale and Darkwater.

Be Advised: Tickets will go on sale Friday 1/10 at 10AM ET via Ticketmaster.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: So I’ve mentioned this before but why not repeat myself for good measure. Historically speaking, I’ve never once attended the ProgPower USA events despite being interested in doing so a number of times. I did have tickets to go one year, which I think was when Iced Earth was one of the headliners but something came up at the last minute which found me selling them to another diehard Metalhead. I never managed to try to go again but I am certain that if I do go that I will recognize a lot of the faces from the regional Metal scene. That’s all I have on this announcement since there is a lot of new information coming to the mailbox that I need to address. Clearly the year has started off on the good foot. I wonder what you readers think about this latest bit of news about the PPUSA event and if you had followed any of the bands yet. Chime in down below and whenever I learn about the Day 1 proceedings I will return with a brand-new narrative. See you next time.

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