ProgPower USA Reveals 2019 Day 3 & 4 Lineup

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Though placed on their Official Vimeo Page just the other day, I could not attend to this news until right now but not to worry, its nothing that’s late at all when it comes down to it. We’ve arrived at the time of the year where hundreds and hundreds of Progressive and Power Metal fans converge in a single location in Atlanta, GA for the annual ProgPower USA Festival. The four-day affair is ticketed as the first two days and then the second two days. Generally speaking, the weekend shows are the biggest draw and the announcement video is online for all to examine. I think they reveal this for the audience on the second day of the happening so let’s take a look at it. Please be advised that while this is a long clip, it’s got a lot of awesome music to enjoy so here we go.

The Lineup: Wind Rose, Subsignal, Barren Earth, Psychotic Waltz, Orden Ogan, Seventh Wonder, Sorcerer, Jad Panzer, Caligula’s Horse, Poets Of The Fall, Threshold, Demons & Wizards.

Be Advised: Tickets will go on sale Saturday, Oct. 5, 2018 at 10am ET via Ticketmaster. Only 900 tickets will be made available to the general public, and tickets for the past 5 years have sold-out in less than 3 days!

PiercingMetal Thoughts: As our readers know full well, I don’t generally get outside of the NYC region to cover any concerts or festival events and I am not counting the close by New Jersey in this since its generally only a train or bus ride away. When I see a roster such as this one though I am really tempted to look into it because there are so many interesting sounding bands coming to next years festival. Historically speaking, I’ve only ever seen Barren Earth from this rundown and that was way back when Mikko from Swallow The Sun was fronting them. Their one of those Finnish groups that doesn’t come over to this neck of the woods very often and it’s a shame since they are great. While Seventh Wonder, Wind Rose and Sorcerer lead the pack on the bands that I would be most interested in, I have to say that Demons & Wizards take the top spot of them all. I’ve seen Iced Earth and Blind Guardian a number of times and cannot recall if I’ve ever seen their super combination in action together. Maybe this is actually their first time coming over and you’ll have to pardon my lack of awareness on that since I am involved in so many things that I can’t remember every single item. According to what I know about the PPUSA event is that they only sell around 900 tickets and that is the space of a venue like Irving Plaza or the now shuttered B.B. King Blues Club. Those interested folks need to get on point ASAP before the curious like myself come a calling. What do you readers think about this performance reveal? Have you ever been to PPUSA before? Chime in down in the comments section. I’ll be back with a new post for the Day 1 and Day 2 announcements for sure so stay tuned for that and I will see you next time.

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