“Progeny” by Hung

Artist: Hung
Title: “Progeny”
Label: Independent Artist
Release Date: 7/25/2008
Genre: Progressive Experimental Metal
Rating: Excellent

Hung’s newest CD “Progeny” is one that immediately draws you into their musical web from the moment that the album begins to play. To me this was based on the overall depth of the dark melodies that start it off and their clear understanding about the progressive side of things as well. It opens with the title track which was a slower number and despite this it held an essence of sorrow thanks to Lyris Hung’s singing violin which manifests itself very tastefully all around. The vocals of Dmitry Kostitsyn are largely growling ones yet he manages to slide in some clean lines as well which add to the songs drama. There are a number of calm interludes that seemed to focus on the bass playing of Sam Roon and of course when placed all together I found it very satisfying and a band that was as intriguing as they were talented. The track ran for some ten minutes but it was not a boring span and instead one that found me eager to continue into the release. “Desert Of Sad” came up second and was what I considered the head banger of the album since it was a lot more driving than the opening track. This one has a couple of points where you feel the urge to get more into it. As an EP there are only five tracks delivered and while this was the case it seemed that after the opener that my favorite number fell to “Sediment Of War” and this was based on the really “live” sound it had to it.

This made me feel that it had to be one of the more exciting numbers when performed for a live audience. The drums of Alex Cohen are pushing the listener steadily ahead while Roon’s bass rides the groove with ample dexterity. Of course, while he is a part of the recording, I must make note that Cohen has since left the band and been replaced. As a fan of the violin in any kind of music I had to say how much I loved how Lyris’ talents showcased themselves around the album and how she made this a lead instrument in the obviously very well thought out material. I felt that what she is doing with it in this kind of Metal steps up the game being played and will have this band leaving many in their wake. There are a lot of different roads that we are taken down with these few tracks and while their number is limited they are nice lengthy numbers that give you a great framework to build upon and generate interest enough to seek out more. It’s adventurous and bold to apply Prog-savvy with Death Metal music but that is what makes this special as an outfit and proves them to be leaders in the New Breed of Metal Bands. It’s fantastic to find a band willing to push the envelope a little further in their music. I am sure that great things are to come for the members of Hung and I cannot wait to hear some more material soon.

Packaged in a digipak case we only get the CD, a foreboding piece of cover art and band thanks on top of their names and the song list. I admit that it might have been nice to have the lyrics presented somewhere but this is an independent artist so the same expectations that are held on the majors do not apply to them. Should you want a copy of the CD (and you know that you do) it is regularly available at the bands live shows and via their MySpace.com page which has been linked below for your convenience. This is a solid recommendation for all fans of the Progressive Metal side when it comes to its applications in the Death Metal genre. Fans of bands like Opeth are advised to set their sites on Hung.

The Band: Lyris Hung (violin), Dmitry Kostitsyn (vocals), Sam Roon (bass), Evil Jon (guitar), and David Mieloch (drums). The band was formed in 2005 by Hung with the purpose of melding classical music and fusion with progressive and Death Metal styles.

Track Listing:
1. Progeny
2. Desert Of Sad
3. Wishing Scar
4. Maria
5. Sediment Of War

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/hungrocks

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