Presenting The “ Blog” (5/22/2010)

I’d like to take a moment to step outside of the usual things that you readers enjoy on the Official Blog for to share some news about my latest adventure in media. Please allow me to present for your blog surfing pleasure – “The PiercingKen Blog”.

The Link:

Clicking the link above takes you to the blog’s very first post and while it lines out the plans, the premise and the reasons for which I launched it in its introduction narrative; I will give you a quick 411 just the same. The idea for this particular blog was to be able to showcase and share the other photography, ideas and things that came to my mind that did not fall into the PiercingMetal core site or blog focus. There were times where I have written things here that would have been better served up on something like the new blog, and now I have the place to put them without going too far in another direction. I also shoot photos of the world around me every single day and another reason is that it let’s me keep my photography and the rest from ending up on Facebook alone.

I will have dedicated accounts in both Facebook and Twitter for the new site where you can keep up with ease so come follow those by clicking the boldface text. I hope you enjoy what is to come on the site. I already know that I am going to enjoy sharing some different ideas with you on it.

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