Presenting PiercingMetal’s “Best 9” Instagram Photos For 2016

I’ve been having a blast using the Official Instagram for this past year because I really put it to use at both shows and conventions combined.  I guess I have had this account for almost four years now and I remembered creating it when Nightwish was performing for the very first time at The Beacon Theatre in 2012.  The overall tally of the Official PiercingMetal Instagram at the time of my posting this narrative is that it has 3,077 photos uploaded and a profile that is followed by 1,133 users.   According to the “Best 9” website this account has had 23,905 likes on 1,214 photos and that’s pretty awesome to learn.  I strive to have 100% original images and notations on this profile unlike some of the folks out there who use other peoples photos, posters and such as their own.  To me that is cheap and those accounts shouldn’t be followed at all.  Thanks to the fun website link which you will find at the end of this narrative, I was able to learn what my “9” most popular posted images were in 2016 and I’m sharing that result with you below. Here is the graphic of those nine images that amounted to my “Best 9”.

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The “winning” selections as our years best once again made me smile since there were some truly special moments that were shared and viewed as the most popular for the year. The first is the photo of Metallica and I have to say that this one still makes me shake my head that it even happened. Sure I am a bigger KISS and Judas Priest fan but come on, this is Metallica here. The dressing room candid with my friend Tony Kakko of Sonata Arctica was also fun since I surprised them with my attendance at the show that night.  Then there are two shots from the photo pit during recent Megadeth and Epica shows of both Dave Mustaine and Simone Simons.  There is some comic con stuff like the photo of Jessica Nigri as a Sith Lord and also two amazing NYC murals of the iconic and late great David Bowie and Joey Ramone.  Two names that Rock and Roll History shall never forget.   As I tagged this photo on Instagram I smiled at the recollection of when each and every one of them was done.  Hopefully the likes that I offered up to other accounts will help their “Best 9” be rather special as well.  Remember that your clicks will help decide the ones that win this sort of thing when we get to the end of 2017.

Statistically Speaking: A few months ago, Instagram allowed the accounts that were representing a brand outlet or media figure, the means to turn it into a business account. The upside of this was seeing the demographic input and reach of the images and here is our breakdown. Of the current 1,133 followers the account has, it seems that 52% are male and 48% are female. The largest age range is between 25-34 with the second 35-44. Most of the account traffic came from NYC which doesn’t surprise me at all. The more photos you like the more interesting these statistics become so keep up the good support.

Get Your Best Nine HERE.

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