Presenting Doro’s “Track By Track” Thoughts on “Forever Warriors”/”Forever United”

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For many fans in the Metal Legions of the World, the inimitable Doro Pesch is the reigning Queen. She has kept it going for decades and always brings the fire to the fans with her ever so memorable performances. Having seen her on many occasions over the years I can attest to the good time that one has at a Doro show. This summer finds her releasing not one but two brand-new albums with on Nuclear Blast Records with “Forever Warriors” and “Forever United”. To help raise awareness about the massive undertaking, Doro was filmed offering up a brief notion or two on every single track across the two albums. That’s right, I said EVERY SINGLE TRACK. They started today but in the interest of time and focus (and also to prevent myself from having “25” different Doro posts in a short time frame, I will present them all as one for your enjoyment. Here we go…

“All For Metal”:



“Lift Me Up”:

“If I Can‘t Have You – No One Will”:


“Soldier Of Metal”:

“It Cuts So Deep”:

“Turn It Up”:

“Love Is A Sin”:

“Blood, Sweat And Rock ’n‘ Roll”:

“Living Life To The Fullest”:

“Don‘t Break My Heart Again”:

“1000 Years”:

“Love‘s Gone To Hell”:

“Fight Through The Fire”:

“Freunde Fürs Leben”:

“Lost In The Ozone”:

“Backstage To Heaven”:


“Be Strong”:

“Black Ballad”:

“Tra Como E Coriovallum”:

“Metal Is My Alcohol”:

‘Bring My Hero Back Home Again’:

*** end of list ***

PiercingMetal Thoughts: After all of those clips, I’m not really going to add much more to the mix other than I look forward to this double release and to catching Doro in concert once again. She is awesome and her bandmates are as well. Kudos to Luca, Johnny, Nick and Bas for keeping the Metal fires stoked to inferno levels.

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