Prepare Your Geek Mode; BoroughCon Will Return In 2018

Hey there my friends in geeking out, I am happy to share that the first ever BoroughCon must have been a success a few months ago as they recently announced that it will return for a second year AND move to a more accomodating location. Check it out below, and I’ll return with some thoughts at the close.

The Press Release:
Geeks, gamers and cosplayers of all kind will fill the halls of the Brooklyn Expo Center for a three-day celebration of pop culture.
After a successful inagural first year at St. John’s University in Queens, BoroughCon plans to host its second event at the Brooklyn Expo center over Father’s Day Weekend, June 15-17. Having attracted 4,000 unique attendees in its first year, BoroughCon plans to attract as many as 8,000 attendees in its second year by drawing in more fans of animation, gaming, television and all things geeky.

BoroughCon’s programing will include panels hosted by enthusiastic panelists, autograph sessions and photo-ops with celebrities, screenings of popular shows and films, a bustling vendors’ room, and a convention staple, the cosplay contest. The three-day convention is certain to have something for everyone.

Some of last years announced guests included:
• Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings, The Goonies)
• Khary Payton (The Walking Dead, Teen Titans)
• Dante Basco (Hook, American Dragon: Jake Long)
• Steven Blum (animated voice of Wolverine, record holder for most videogame credits)
• Riki “Riddle” Lecotey

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: For starters let me say congratulations on their return to a second year of the event. We didn’t manage to go last based on the travel logistics out to St. John’s U from our own Creative Command HQ. Having been to the BEC a number of times for the NYC Hot Sauce Expo and know the area well and enjoy the space so I am glad that its relocating. I’m also happy to know that another convention is happening out there because while the most attention always seemed to go to the NY Comic Con, there are so many who don’t get to go based on how fast it sells out. I’m going to mark this down on my own and of course the calendars of this website and so everyone is on point and I hope to attend if I am free during the weekend its happening on. I wonder if any of you who are reading this happened to go to the one a few months ago. If you did please chime in below with what you thought about it and if the new, somewhat closer location and ease of access will find you interested in this one. I’ll also do my best to share the news I get provided I see press releases shared over here. If you are one of my usually run into Press Peeps at the other conventions, you might want to hit their website and pitch your own interest in attending to cover for your own outlet. Don’t wait too long though because like any other convention its first come first served until a supply runs dry on media badges. Until next time, let’s get back to work.

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