Prepare For Into Eternity’s “North American Devastation” 2012

I’m going to continue to show some touring love whenever possible via the PiercingMetal Musings blog, and this is going to especially be the case when it comes to bands that I consider a part of my own Metal Family. The band Into Eternity and I go back as far as to months before I had officially launched the site and after seeing them in action on numerous occasions I came to consider them Brothers in Metal.

The tour is a short run of sixteen dates and I didn’t copy them down into this posting since the official poster is large enough for you to read. They are in the NYC region on August 18th and 19th respectively, and I shall be doing my damnedest to be a part of the show when it hits my vicinity. It has truly been far too long since I’ve enjoyed the music of Into Eternity in the live sense. The band has gone through a number of dramatic and yet still interesting changes since the last time that I have seen them. Their singer Stu Bloch has now joined the ranks of Iced Earth and his replacement in the lineup comes care of the very lovely Amanda Kiernan. Some seem skeptical about such a transition but I am surely open to see what it sounds like under her vocal command. The band is also no longer on Century Media Records and that means all the cash expended on the run will come from their pockets. That is all the more reason to stock up on merchandise when you hit the show. As far as the support bands go, their names are on the new side to me so I am curious as to what they will bring to the Metal table.

Let’s get excited for the band as they make their long overdue return.

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