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PiercingMetal’s Tumblr Is Now The Ken Pierce Media Tumblr

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Historically speaking, PiercingMetal.com which was launched back in 2005, has gone through what I feel are many interesting changes. Initially, this was a pure HTML website that only did reviews and somewhere around 2008 we launched a connected Blog for it called “PiercingMetal Musings” which used WordPress. That blog expanded the ideas of the brand and all along the way we used whatever social networking tools available to help make this voice a bit louder. There was a PiercingMetal MySpace and while I had a personal Friendster account, I talked about my journalistic adventures on it all the time. In 2010 we learned of Tumblr which was a micro-blogging medium and connected it to our branded Twitter and would occasionally share our website posts to the network. For the most part I left it alone and when I made PiercingMetal and its Musings Blog into one bigger voice, I always tried to remember to check the box that allowed sharing to the Tumblrverse of Followers. This brings us to where we are today and the new announcement.

While some of our readers are following the lifestyle adventures over on “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” there are many of you over here that might have missed the news about my Blogger project back in June. Click HERE for some background and then I will continue along. Welcome back, so now that you know more about the Ken Pierce Media initiative in terms of Blogger, it was only back in September that our humble home on Tumblr reached its 11th year (celebrated HERE). When I hit 5000 posts on the medium, I began to enjoy it a lot more and while it no longer pulls in my Tweets automatically, it does let me share to it from Instagram which is never a bad thing since that promotes the account. Effective yesterday, I made the decision to rebrand our Tumblr profile to reflect the new Ken Pierce Media idea. Queue dramatic and boisterous music 😊

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This is an exciting change and one that will only benefit the pair of websites that I’ve been running now for more than a decade each. The current plan is to keep on using it like the Blogspot feed but the biggest difference is that the Tumblr account pulls in all the tags from each post so there is more reach across the world wide web. Since each entry on Tumblr directs you here to PiercingMetal.com or over to “The Chronicles” we are not losing any traction at all and instead generating more curiosity. For me the administration of this change is a simple one. All I need to do is check the “Share To Tumblr” box on each website and modify our two unique Instagram profiles to be the new site. Right now I am not sure if I will share every single Instagram post to the newly branded KPM Tumblr but I might. The most important aspect of this feed will be to raise awareness to the websites and the Instagram profiles. I’ve not looked too much farther ahead on it all but when I come up with some additional plans I will surely let you know right here or on “The Chronicles”. I generally flip a coin on which site to use for these kinds of announcements and will use whichever side is having a slow news day to post there. Feel free to let me know what you think about the news down in the comments section below. We’ve love to hear from the creative minds out there and if you are using Tumblr, be sure to follow us on the new link below. I’ve also added the Google Blogspot for the Google users so they can keep pace with this growing initiative.

Official Tumblr: http://kenpiercemedia.tumblr.com
Official Blogger: http://kenpiercemedia.blogspot.com

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