PiercingMetal’s Off To Anime NYC 2019

Hey there my friends, this is just a little announcement to say that I will be heading to the Anime NYC that will be taking over the Javits Center for the next three days. This is the third edition of this awesome convention and I’ve already lined out a number of the events and appearances that will be happening that you can peruse HERE.

anime nyc logo

At the time of this announcement, my plan is to attend all three days of the convention so you are going to want to be sure to follow PiercingMetal on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – I love using all three of these social networking mediums at conventions. I wonder who among the readership might be going and since there are still tickets available, I suggest that you give it a shot if you enjoy the Anime and Manga scene along with Japanese culture in general. A nice crowd is expected but its not going to be as overwhelming and crushing as the NY Cmmic Con tends to get. Alright, time for me to go. See you next time.

Official Website:
AnimeNYC: http://www.animenyc.com
Crunchyroll: http://www.crunchyroll.com

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