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PiercingMetal’s Essentials Guide for New York Comic Con & Beyond

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While I have probably already mentioned this in one of the related posts, I am happy to share that the PiercingMetal website will be attending the famed New York Comic Con once more. In 2019 I penned a narrative about some things you might want to bring along and this year decided to make it a special YouTube clip. Check it out.

Though the PiercingMetal outlet has had a YouTube Channel for many years now, it wasn’t until the pandemic that I began to take it a lot more seriously. Now its a bit of a focal point for a lot of the Pop Culture side of the fence and since numbers count we ask our kind readership to make sure that they subscribe to the Channel and watch a healthy amount of its content. This will enable the site to reach new milestones on the medium and we appreciate it very much. The countdown to this years New York Comic Con begins now and I am happy to know that we’re sending you there somewhat prepared.

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