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PiercingMetal’s Creator Briefs @ 2021 New York Comic Con

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PiercingMetal was on point at the 2021 edition of New York Comic Con and to help celebrate our 11th year of attendance, a series of creator briefs were done at the booths and tables of those who wished to talk about their work. Shot by site founder Ken Pierce with the Canon Powershot, the clips reside on our Official YouTube Channel and have been collected into this post to enhance the larger NYCC Coverage for 2021.

Chapter One: This installment features Fat Guy Inc., CCP Comics, D.E. Night, Smart Pop Books and Stranger Comics.

Chapter Two: This installment features Behemoth Records, UrbnPop’s Chris Hamer, artist Steph C., Pat Shand and “I’m The Grim Reaper” creator Graveweaver.

Chapter Three: This installment features Merc Comic Publishing, Robo 7’s John Bellotti Jr., Zenescope Entertainment, Criss Madd and Alex Sanchez.

Chapter Four: This installment features Richard Rivera and Stabbity Bunny, “Witchman” Creator R.C. Young, “Fu-Stamps” Creator Rios Palante, Logan Paige and Kenway from Ghostboy Co.

Chapter Five: This installment features “Harriet Tubman: Demon Slayer” Creator David Crownson, Benny Kline from Tenacious Toys, Tom McKnight of Junction City Comics, Thunderbolt Pictures, Iloco Production Studio and Andrew Kafoury of Battlequest Comics.

Chapter Six: This final installment features the team at the Comic Book School along with Jetty Jet from The Jetty Jet Show. It’s closed with a glimpse of the awesome Godzilla statues from XM Studios.

We hope all of our viewers enjoyed this video series and click through to the provided website links for these creative individuals. Since there were so many of them to discover I decided that rather than line out a long list down below that it would be best to link them right in the video lead in text. Each creative has been hyperlinked for you. We ask those viewers to help support the PiercingMetal YouTube Channel by subscribing, leaving topical comments and liking the videos as well as clicking the notification bell. Doing so will help the audience grow and guarantee more content of this kind.

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