PiercingMetal’s “Best Of” 2013: The Concerts

At this point in time do I really need to say that I see a lot of concerts during the course of the year? I hope not because this one of the key factors that makes up my daily life as founder of the PiercingMetal brand. That said ?I wanted to once again use the Official Blog for the site to highlight a number of the shows that I attended during 2013 that I felt were the absolute best experiences. They’re not really in order of impact or importance but there are a few at the top that did hit me the hardest. Here we go.

1. Metallica @ The Apollo Theater: Thrashing like a maniac in Harlem? Yeah that happened. Classic set and free beer for the whole show. No complaints here.

2. Kamelot @ Stage 48: Returning to the headlining stage with Delain as support and Eklipse. This was a righteous show for sure. My belief in this band was reinforced yet again. I was not surprised in this.

3. Eddie Trunk 30th Anniversary Bash: Another one that I was super fortunate to participate in because an all-star jam with members of KISS, Overkill, Twisted Sister, Accept, Anthrax, Stryper, Guns n Roses and so many more is just impossible to qualify as being “an okay time”. This was insanity.

4. Trans-Siberian Orchestra @ Prudential Center: The final go round for the “Lost Christmas Eve” tour premise. Always a bombastic spectacle that needs seeing for believing.

5. Rock Allegiance Tour w/Volbeat & HIM @ Williamsburg Park: Two excellent main acts and solid support from All That Remains. Whew. Exciting for Brooklyn and you know how we roll in this borough.

6. Black Veil Brides @ Best Buy Theater: The Church Of The Wild Ones destroyed NYC with this appearance. The BVB clearly delivers in the live sense and they love their fans.

7. Testament @ Best Buy Theater: Testament on the rightful headlining stage with support from the mighty Overkill. Yeah you were going to be in pain after this one. I know my head was ringing for days.

8. Robin Zander @ B.B. King Blues Club: The legendary front man doing a solo gig of covers and songs he likes with legendary area musicians. This was surprise after surprise and a show I was glad to have been a part of. Randy Jackson opened and left you wanting more when he left.

9. Saigon Kick @ The Studio at Webster Hall: One of my favorite bands and yet the first time ever seeing them. A packed house and all them singing the songs. Satisfaction guaranteed.

10. Paganfest @ Gramercy Theater w/Ensiferum, Tyr, Trollfest, Heidevolk, and Hellsott: One of those packages where every band made sense.

11. Metal Alliance Tour: Anthrax, Exodus, Shadows Fall, Municipal Waste and Holy Grail. Yikes. I should also add an additional yikes.

12. Stryper @ B.B. King Blues Club: Mike Tramp opened this show and while acoustic delivered a classic White Lion set. Stryper themselves always manage to deliver.

13. Winery Dogs @ B.B. King Blues Club: The NYC debut of this hot lineup left you awestruck.

14. Carcass @ Gramercy Theatre: The long awaited return of Carcass to our shores was a mind-blowing Metal experience. Immolation opened and showed that they are no joke at this craft either.

15. Loverboy & Night Ranger @ Dutchess County Fair: Such fond memories of both bands vintage material led me 200 miles away from the Metal command to support their performances. I loved it.

16. Anathema @ Gramercy Theatre: The first proper US Tour by Anathema was a hypnotic event and one difficult to describe. Alcest opened and made it all the more intense and experience.

17. Watain @ Irving Plaza: Evil dropped in on NYC for a few hours but we all lived to talk about it the following day.

18. The Misfits @ B.B. King Blues Club: Halloween and The Misfits. That’s all I got for you.

19. Rockstar Mayhem Fest: Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch, Mastodon, Amon Amarth and so many others made this a kick ass day to remember.

20. Dennis DeYoung @ B.B. King Blues Club: Tonight’s the night he made history, and since he played all the classics there was not a bad moment for the whole show.

21. Bret Michaels @ B.B. King Blues Club: This was “nothin’ but a good time” and while Poison themselves were not present, their rocking tunes were here in force and the show kicked butt.

22. Kreator/Overkill @ Stage 48: It’s hard to describe a hurricane inside a tsunami but that was pretty much what we had here at Stage 48 when these two titans co-headlined. Warbringer got everyone started for good measure.

23. Y&T @ Stage 48: More people need to experience this band because this is pure and unadulterated

24. Halestorm @ Terminal 5: My first time seeing them ever. In the words of Lord Vader, “impressive….most impressive”.

25. Slayer @ The Theater at Madison Square Garden: Joined by Gojira and 4Arm, it was great to experience Slayer headlining the stages of NYC once more. I miss Dave and Jeff of course but that is beyond my control.

26. Lamb Of God & Killswitch Engage @ Roseland Ballroom: Two kickass co-headliners with support from Testament and Huntress. Yeah this was a party.

27. Megadeth’s “Gigantour” w/Black Label Society and Newsted @ Hammerstein Ballroom: It might have been half the proper Gigantour but we only lost Device and Hellyeah in NYC and were still left with a monster performance by these three.

28. Death To All @ Irving Plaza: The music of the legendary Death and Chuck Schuldiner brought to life in his honor by former members of the band Death. Brutalizing and left me saying that I need to dig deeper into this iconic band.

29. Paramore @ Hammerstein Ballroom: My first time seeing them and was blown away by their fan support. This place was packed to the rafters so someone is doing something right.

30. Yngwie Malmsteen @ Irving Plaza: The Maestro is back in fantastic form.

31. Steve Hackett @ Best Buy Theater: The closest you will come to a legacy set of classic Genesis and a performance that sends you to Amazon.com to order the remastered catalog.

32. Wednesday 13 @ The Studio at Webster Hall: I’ve been a fan for years but have missed shows due to scheduling conflicts. This was one of the best and most energetic of all the shows I had seen. He brought Vampires Everywhere along as support.

33. Amaranthe & Kobra and The Lotus @ Gramercy Theatre: The response from fans for this co-headlining tour was outstanding. In a sense it reminded me of the first time Nightwish came to visit so many years ago.

Honorable Mentions:

There were a few more shows that I really liked but that did not quite make the list up above. I wanted to get those out to you because I think that you should be looking into these groups as well.

1. The Romantics @ Gretsch Day: The legendary New Wave band did a full set at this special appearance in Street Sounds Music. They rocked.

2. Saxon @ B.B. King Blues Club: Fozzy opened the set of an always exciting Saxon.

3. Edge Of Paradise @ Bowery Electric: A debut NYC gig and most satisfying to be a part of.

4. Madame Mayhem @ Arlene’s Grocery: Melodic Hard Rock with sex appeal. Gotta love that.

5. Kaleido @ Santo’s Party House: Met by chance and got to see a debut performance of some positive Power Pop.

I’ll stop here but that does not mean that I didn’t have a blast at many more shows than these mentioned ones. I figured if I didn’t stop typing that this list would go through almost all of the monstrous events that I was happily a part of. I’ll leave the comments open so you readers can tell me what your favorite shows were for the year. I look forward to hearing about them, especially if it’s something that I didn’t make for some reason. Remember that we are continually posting news from the field care of our three major Social Networks of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I’ve linked them below in case this is news to you so you can head on over and follow them all. Your likes to the posts reminds us that you are with us on every step of the journey.

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7 thoughts on “PiercingMetal’s “Best Of” 2013: The Concerts”

  1. Great list Ken with lots of variety. I’ll start off with talking about shows that we both attended from your list…

    One of the most stand out shows to me was also the Amaranthe/Kobra and the Lotus show at the Gramercy as it also reminded me of the first time Nightwish was here at BB Kings with that overwhelming response. Hope that Amaranthe takes that as a sign to come back here sooner rather than later and not drop the ball like so many bands do when they have momentum building here in the states.

    Y&T was also a big one for me. I was originally not going to make it to this show until I won your contest last minute and it was one of the best experiences of the year. I had seen them before but this was one of their better shows. The set list was just very heavy (no “Summertime Girls” and as much as I enjoy that song it was refreshing to hear others in place of it) and I finally got to hear my fav Y&T song “Contagious” while right up against the stage. I also was able to grab a special Phil guitar pick from John which was an incredible moment.

    Overkill and Kreator was nothing short of what you said, a storm inside of a storm. Overkill always delivers and then some plus its great to see our German friends in Kreator slaughter us often.

    Anthrax/Exodus was killer as well. Much like Overkill and Kreator these thrash tours are so much more impactful when you have the power of two main bands (plus some strong openers). “Among the Living” from start to finish was definitely a highlight of the year though I’m still a lil sour that they left out “A.D.I./Horror of it All” to play other songs we typically get every tour.

    Yngwie at Irving was also very good. I don’t see him every single time that he comes through but the fact that “Heaven Tonight” was in the setlist for the first time in years was a must for me to be there.

    Saxon/Fozzy at BB Kings was especially great for me as it was my first time seeing the mighty Saxon. They blew me away and I can’t wait to see them again. Still thrilled that the Innocence is No Excuse album was represented with “Rock n Roll Gypsy”. One of my favorite albums from them during a period of different strokes for them that stood high above Destiny and Rock The Nations. Wish more people would give Innocence another shot.

    Here’s some of my favs that were not on your list:

    Helloween at Stage 48 in NYC – A top 5 band for me so I never miss em. The set was heavy with new material and that I did not mind as I thought Straight Out of Hell was one of the best albums released this year. Also at this stage of the game they are so seasoned with Andi in the band that older songs from Master of the Rings and Time of the Oath are starting to stand tall like the classics from the Kiske era. Helloween never disappoints.

    Crashdiet at the Gramercy Theater in NYC – I was beyond thrilled when I found out these guys were coming to the USA. They had my TOP album of the year with the Savage Playground. I had just gotten into them in 2012 when I heard their previous album Generation Wild for the first time. They blew me away live. This show came with support from Crucified Barbara (also from Sweden) and a slew of new bands who play in the vein of the L.A. hair metal sound. This show shocked me as to what a scene there actively is for this brand of hard rock and metal still as there were youngsters in attendance with Faster Pussycat patches on their leather jackets and females looking like they were straight off the Sunset Strip. Another band that I hope reacts sooner then later and gets back here ASAP and often.

    Jon Oliva at Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ – Two plus hours of Savatage classics with many great stories in-between. A very cozy and relaxing evening with the Mountain King.

    Motley Crue at the Sands in Bethlehem, PA – A great, powerful set from the legends. The last time Tommy will also be using the drum roller coaster before retiring it. Some killer tunes in the set you don’t hear too often like “Louder Than Hell” and “Too Fast For Love”, very fun night I spent with some of my co-workers as we made this our own team build.

    Sanctuary at the Gramercy Theater in NYC – Sad that Nevermore is no longer together but happy to still see Warrel out making music with his original band Sanctuary. Even though the venue was far from packed they played as if there were a European festival audience in front of them. The few new songs they played sounded very promising and I am hoping we get to hear that album in 2014.

    Queensryche at the Bergen Pac Center in Englewood, NJ – Good riddance to you Geoff Tate, Todd LaTorre is here and the Ryche is back. From the moment they opened with the epic “Queen of the Reich” I was in a trance like state of amazement for the duration of the show. It was so good that the show felt like it was over in five minutes and left me wanting more. Luckily they will be back this April and I for sure will be there again as long as work commitments allow it.

    Billy Idol at the Sands in Bethlehem, PA – Was never a huge Billy fan but my friend from work talked me into going to this with him. We had passes to meet Steve Stevens before the show which was super cool as I was a huge fan of his work on Vince Neil’s ‘Exposed’ album. Very down to earth cool dude. For the show we were front and center right up against the rail and I was blown away. Will definitely be looking into some of Billy’s back catalog.

    U.D.O. at the Gramercy Theater in NYC – My first time seeing this legend live. He played a killer platter of Accept songs mixed with his own. Hoping he makes it back sooner than later as its rare to see this man in America.

    Doro/Sister Sin at BB Kings in NYC – I’ve seen Doro before and as always she was great but this night it was all about Sister Sin. I had no clue who this band was going into this show and for the first time ever was completely knocked on my ass by an opening band. From their crushing cover of U.D.O.’s “24/7” to “Fight Song” I was completely sold. Ran out the next day and bought their ‘Now and Forever’ and can’t wait to see this band again.

    Stone Sour at the Wellmont Theater in Montclair, NJ – My first time seeing them headline and from start to finish just a killer set. Just like the Queensryche show, this was another one that seemed like it was over in 5 minutes because I was so into this. They also did a killer cover of Black Sabbath’s “Children of the Grave”.

    Testament/Flotsam and Jetsam at the Paramount in Huntington, NY – I had been at the show the night before in NYC which included Overkill however this night was just that much better. Overkill cancelled due to Blitz being sick, Flotsam played a much more extended set included favs of mine “Hard on You” and “Swatting at Flies” and Testament filmed their Dark Roots of Thrash DVD this night so their sound was just absolutely flawless. Also amazing to see the Gathering from Testament represented with four songs, one of my fav albums from them.

    All in all a great year of metal. Can’t wait to do it again in 2014.

  2. Saw many shows in 2013. Here are a few that I really enjoyed.

    Nile at BB Kings. First time seeing the Ancient Egyptian influenced Technical Death Metal band from South Carolina. They did not disappoint Also didn’t hurt that I met the band and got CD jackets signed.

    Paganfest at Gramercy Theatre. Great lineup of folk metal bands. Solid top to bottom. Really enjoyed Tyr.

    Wintersun at Irving Plaza. Another great package of bands. Thought Fleshgod Apocalypse was awesome. Hopefully, they will headline soon

    Carcass and Immolation at Gramercy Theatre awesome to see local favorites Immolation tear it up and also the legends Carcass in top form

    Deicide at Gramercy Theatre great set, they sound awesome.

    Morbid Angel at Irving Plaza great to hear Covenant in its entirety. Met David Vincent. Very cool

    Another great show was Dying Fetus at Gramercy Theatre. Brutally aggressive death metal at its finest.

    Kreator/Overkill at Stage 48. Awesome shmembersow met members of both Kreator and Overkill. Great night

  3. Top shows of 2012, in no particular order, are as follows:

    Testament / Overkill 2/14/13 @ Best Buy Theatre
    Gojira 2/19/13 @ Irving Plaza
    Viking / Helstar / Wrath / Attacker 3/9/13 @ Saint Vitus Bar
    Master 3/15/13 @ Saint Vitus Bar
    Pentagram 4/16/13 @ Saint Vitus Bar
    Raven 4/21/13 @ Saint Vitus Bar
    Ghost B.C 5/12/13 @ The Trocadero
    Maryland Deathfest 5/23-5/26
    Dinosaur Jr. 6/7/13 @ Irving Plaza
    (The) Melvins 7/31/13 @ House of Vans
    Phil Anselmo & The Illegals 8/16/13 @ Gramercy Theatre
    Alice in Chains 8/17/13 @ PNC Theatre
    Vader 9/17/13 @ The Paperbox
    Exumer 9/21/13 @ The Paperbox
    Carcass 9/25/13 @ Saint Vitus Bar
    Obituary 10/9/13 @ Saint Vitus Bar
    Saint Vitus / Pallbearer 10/18/13 @ Europa Night Club
    Lamb of God 10/25/13 @ Roseland Ballroom
    Death Angel 10/29/13 @ The Marlin Room at Webster Hall
    Morbid Angel 11/12/13 @ Irving Plaza
    EYEHATEGOD 11/14/13 @ Saint Vitus Bar
    High on Fire 11/15/13 @ Webster Hall
    EYEHATEGOD 11/16/13 @ The Acheron
    Overkill / Kreator 11/23/13 @ Stage 48
    Gorguts 12/21/13 @ Saint Vitus Bar

  4. In date order, rather than preference:

    Enslaved w/Pallbearer, Royal Thunder, & Ancient Rites @The Underground (Philadelphia) – Enslaved is always amazing. They will leave me wanting more when they open for Amon Amarth in February. Pallbearer shook the walls.

    Testament w/Overkill, Flotsam & Jetsam, & 4arm @Best Buy Theater (NYC)- Testament is one of my favorite bands of all time, and this headlining set showed why. I could tell something wasn’t right with Overkill’s set, which turned out to be Blitz’s illness. I hadn’t seen The Flots in ages, and they killed it. They need to come back around agian soon.

    Adrenaline Mob w/Nothing More & Awaken @Marlin Room at Webster Hall (NYC)- The Mob is my new favorite live act. The band gives it 100% every show, and their energy makes their already great songs that much better. Here’s hoping AJ Pero fills Portnoy’s shoes admirably.

    Anneke Van Giersbergen w/Novembers Doom @Reggies Rock Club and The Ultra Lounge (Chicago) – I was lucky enough to make it to Chicago to catch Anneke’s only 2 US shows this year (and since her split from The Gathering). She is my favorite voice, period, so this event was extra special (Novembers Doom were no slouches either).

    Wintersun w/Fleshgod Apocalypse, Arsis, & Starkill @Irving Plaza (NYC) – It didn’t hurt that this show was packed, as Wintersun really fed off the crowd and gave a bombastic performance. Fleshgod were solid, and it was good to see Arsis back arond.

    Anathema w/Alcest & Mamiffer @Gramercy Theater (NYC) – I’ll never forget Anathema’s acoustic set @Irving Plaza when the rest of the band couldn’t get visas. This time around was another level of awesome. Alcest was impressive as well.

    The Winery Dogs w/The Sixxis & The Infinite Staircase @Starland Ballroom (Sayreville) – While their debut album was a grower, the set hit me between the eyes from the first note. The Portnoy/Sheehan rhythm section is amazing, and Kotzen’s voice is great (not a bad Chris Cornell impression if he ever needed the work).

    Gorguts w/Origin & Nero Di Marte @ Saint Vitus (Brooklyn) – Just under the wire for 2013, Gorguts slayed by playing their entire new album (minus the 5-minute string quartet). It was a great way to end the year, especially with Origin laying waste.

  5. Metallica @ the Apollo!
    Hands down the #1 show of 2013.
    KP, we’re gonna look back on that show 20 years from now & still be blown away .
    I bet when Metallica call it a day, and they are asked about their most memorable shows. The Apollo gig will be up there on the list.

  6. Obviously Paganfest is the winner, but I also just saw TrollfesT (again) play with Gypsyhawk and Alestorm..
    I saw Winery Dogs play at Vintage Vinyl’s in Edison, New Jersey.

    I saw so many of my friends’ bands play at amazing venues like Cafe Wha? and The Bitter End and Sullivan Hall (before it closed)…

    I’m still mad I missed Alcest and Anathema.

    I’m looking forward to the Týr shows… YES SHOWS in March.

  7. Best shows for me for 2013 were
    1. Morbid Angel at Irving Plaza
    2. Carcass Immolation at Gramercy Theater
    3. Overkill Kreator
    4. Suffocation Day Of Doom at Revolution LI
    5. Suffocation Exhumed at 89 North LI
    6. Dying Fetus Exhumed at Gramercy Theater
    7. Gorguts at St. Vitus
    8. Suffocation Pyrexia Day Of Doom at Marlin Room at Webster Hall
    9. Anthrax Exodus Municipal Waste at Irving Plaza
    10. Deicide Broken Hope Day Of Doom st Gramercy Theater
    11. Megadeth Black Label Society Newstead at Hammerstein Ballroom
    12. Megadeth Fear Factory at Paramount Huntington
    13. Newstead At Highline Ballroom
    14. Testament Overkill at Bestbuy Theater
    15. Testament at Paramount Huntinhton

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