PiercingMetal’s “Best Of” 2005: Music – Video – Concerts

Having only launched PiercingMetal.com in April, this list is not a super long one. However, it does feature some of the releases that we found most favorable along with the shows that we enjoyed the most. Maybe you agree with us on some so please take a look.

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The Best CD’s of 2005:
Mercenary “11 Dreams” (Century Media Records): One of the finest mixes of Metal genre to come out of Century Media records this year

Soilwork “Stabbing The Drama” (Nuclear Blast Records): This CD made a fan out of me, and is likely to do the same for you.

H.I.M. “Dark Light” (Sire Records): First official US Release and mixes elements of their previous work to a fine blend. Try this melodic gothic act out and you will not regret it.

Judas Priest “Angel Of Retribution” (Epic Records): Reunion, simple as that, they show why they are Metal Gods to this very day.

Iron Maiden “Death On the Road” (Columbia Records): The 40th live album from Iron Maiden shows up their last try and is quite enjoyable.

Korpiklaani “Voice of Wilderness” (Napalm Records): Ever hear Folk Metal? You will be a changed person when you do.

Leaves Eyes “Vinland Saga” (Napalm Records): Atmospheric Gothic Metal and this CD take you to another world.

Journey “Generations” (Independent): Anyone who stopped supporting Journey because of Steve Perry leaving is an idiot because Steve Augeri rocks. This is one of the best Rock records of the year.

System of A Down “Hypnotize/Mesmerize”: Great stuff, very melodic, chaotic and fun all at the same time. I never thought I would rave about their stuff.

Sentenced “Funeral Album” (Century Media Records): My first listen to these guys turns out to be their suicide note???? Come on guys say it isn’t so.

Def Leppard “Anthology” (Universal Music): This brought me back to the days when MTV played videos, I was 16 again. Or something like that.

Jon Olivas Pain “Taj Mahal” (SPV Records): The sound of Savatage at last, too bad it’s not a reunion album but if you listen closely it sure sounds like one.

Yngwie Malmsteen “Unleash The Fury” (Spitfire Records): The guitar god returns to the format he does best. What else can be said?

Kamelot “The Black Halo” (SPV Records): Not your usual run of the mill Melodic Power Metal but instead a passionate and powerful release from a rising star in the genre.

The Best DVD’s of 2005:
Evergrey “A Night to Remember” (InsideOut Music): One of the best shot concert DVD’s ever and so full of extras.

Rush “R30” (Atlantic Records): Leaders in Progressive Hard Rock show why this title is theirs and how with age grows finer and finer.

Motley Crue “Carnival of Sins” (Motley Records): A visual souvenir of the show, recommended for the curious believe me.

UFO “Showtime” (SPV Records): Classic Hard Rock from industry Veterans. Chock full of bonus stuff that made this an enjoyable watch.

Iced Earth “Gettysburg” (SPV Records): A History lesson and a music video all wrapped up into one. More interesting than it sounds.

Marillion “Marbles on the Road” (MVD Entertainment): Marillion delivered a solid set with the album that spawned this tour. This live DVD is a perfect souvenir. I am a fan once again.

KISS “Rock the Nation” (Image Entertainment): An amazing visual playback of their tour that bore the same name.

The Best Concerts of 2005:
Motley Crue at Madison Square Garden: Who ever would have believed that they could once again capture that vibe, well they did.

H.I.M. at Hammerstein Ballroom: I’ve been a fan of these guys for years now and watching them go from larger venue to larger venue is extraordinary.

Soilwork, Dark Tranquility, Mnemic & Hypocrisy at B.B. King Blues Club: This was a fasten your seat belt night without question.

Judas Priest and Queensryche at PNC Bank Arts Center: The first full on tour of their own with Halford back in the band and with Queensryche as the opening band provided a night of stellar Metal. So nice we went twice.

Europe at B.B. King Blues Club: Growing up on a number of their staples I couldn’t resist hitting this sold out show and was amazed at how good it was.

Overkill and Sonata Arctica at B.B. King Blues Club: Overkill is always a good time live, but tonight I was eager to enjoy Sonata’s first ever US appearance.

Anthrax at Starland Ballroom: A reunited “original” Anthrax back in action delivered all their hits for an insane crowd.

Leaves Eyes and Atrocity at CBGB’s: This was a killer show with God Dethroned and many more on the bill, but the minimal attendance made me wonder where the Metal heads were. An incredible time.

Jon Olivas Pain at The Brooklyn Music Terminal: This killer bill offered up not only Mr. Oliva but also Chris Caffery and Tim “Ripper” Owens new band Beyond Fear. It was a night of smoldering Metal that was only made hotter by the dismal conditions inside the venue.

Megadeth at The Mid Hudson Civic Center: The first go round of Gigantour also found Dream Theater, Nevermore, Symphony X and Fear Factory kicking new levels of ass.

The Worst of 2005:
Fortunately nothing really crossed my radar as being the “worst” thing I saw, heard or attended this year and that’s a good thing.

So that is it. Please be aware that all of the aforementioned releases and concerts can be read about in greater detail on the website in longer reviews. I’d love to hear what you readers found to be the best or worst of this past year but if you comment in do kindly separate the topics into sections so it’s easier to digest.

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