PiercingMetal Wishes A “Happy New Year” 2021 To The Readership

Hello my dear readers and “Welcome” to 2021. Let me be among the first to wish you a very “Happy New Year”. We hope that it will be one that is loaded with good health (especially under the current circumstances), special memories and prosperity. We kept it simple and dry here at the Creative Command HQ this time around and got straight to mapping out some of the things that we hope to accomplish as the New Year gets into gear. My photo below is from Times Square via the television because only a select group of people were allowed to be there along with a small number of press.

It’s without question that 2020 was a terrible year in terms of “things” that could be done based on the Coronavirus Pandemmic. That being said I am glad to report that we made it through unscathed while many others were not so fortunate. We also chose to use the relative isolation of the last several months to keep creative and share as many ideas and notions as was possible to do with the resources we have around us. The PiercingMetal website posted more than 550 articles last year and in addition to our popular Facebook and Instagram and YouTube Channel accounts we launched a brand new focus we call Ken Pierce Media. Clicking any of the highlighted text will bring you to these networks and we would appreciate your follows, likes and subscriptions so we know you are out there receiving the transmissions. It is said that there is strength in numbers and I tend to agree with this statement. Especially when so many other creative people out there clamoring for your attention. With your help the Legions will grow and help our media messages reach the most people possible.

It’s my hope that this New Year becomes one of promise for you all. Thank you for your kind attention to our works, we shall surely keep the engine running for you when you need some distraction.

Ken Pierce, Founder and Lead Content Creator

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