PiercingMetal Unboxing: The New Convention Camera

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As the 2020 year gets underway, its time to bring you more into the world of what we are doing here and what the tools involved are as well. Over the years, I’ve been using the Canon DSLR for the big concert experiences along with the assorted lenses but for the last few convention events I had been trusting a compact point and shoot that was made by Samsung. Sadly, this camera died not long after the 2019 New York Comic Con coverage and found me replacing it with a Canon Powershot device. My order recently came in from this Amazon.com purchase and if you’d like to know what we bought you are just going to have to watch the little unboxing video that I have embedded below from our Official YouTube Channel.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: If you clicked over to the YouTube Channel you can see that I uploaded the video a few days ago while the post is running on the weekend. I did that to parse out the content as I am right now actually at a couple of different conventions. They are for my lifestyle site “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” which by now a lot of our readers know about and I am actually using the products that you saw in the unboxing clip. Since these kinds of things are considered good content nowadays I will look into doing some more of them and hope to keep them site specific. The next convention for the PiercingMetal side of the fence will be the upcoming Toy Fair and then some of the smaller comic conventions. Truth be told, the winter months are loaded with conventions and trade shows for the lifestyle brand and that made me flip a coin as to which side of the fence I was going to post our unboxing. At the time of this writing I don’t actually have a branded channel for Piercing Ken and really should address that since I’ve got video content that should be loaded up there as opposed to my longstanding personal channel. Stay tuned for that and let’s have a great year together. There is so much coming up as you can see in the Events Calendar and I hope to be as productive as ever. See you next time and please be sure to subscribe to the Official PiercingMetal YouTube (click the text) and click the notification bell to be made aware of anything new when it goes live. In YouTube the only way to achieve any measure of success is by the amount of subscribers and the view time. Thanks for reading, watching and supporting our efforts.

Official Website: https://global.canon/en/index.html

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