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You have to give credit to a band like Iron Maiden because not only are they one of the best providers of Metal music ever, but even now after thirty years of doing their thing prove that they are stronger than ever in bringing this message to the masses. In addition to their very healthy crop of incendiary albums, they have released numerous live recordings, video concerts and greatest hits packages that let us stock our shelves and keep mascot Eddie pleased. 2010 is almost at a close and The Maiden shows no sign of stopping and in the eyes of the Metal masses this is a very good thing. We’ve covered a number of the group’s releases, videos and shows on the website so to learn what we had to say about them you can just click HERE to search the website for any content relating to Iron Maiden – “Up The Irons!”

Official Website: www.ironmaiden.com

There’s plenty of awesome Metal to choose from in the Iron Maiden catalog and even a few exciting DVD releases. Here’s some links to help you build or complete your collection for this great band.

2 thoughts on “PiercingMetal Spotlights: Iron Maiden”

  1. Iron Maiden is and will always be my favorite Metal band of all time. I first saw them as the opening act for Judas Priest on the Number of the Beast Tour in 1982 and I’ve seen them so many times thereafter and was never disappointed. The Flight 666 DVD is a blast and I am glad I was able to see them on that tour.
    “Scream for me Meadowlands!!!!!” Classic.

  2. They always put on a great show. I like how they are not afraid to play new songs. I think that’s bold. To watch Steve Harris play on stage is nothing short of amazing. I hope they get rid of Gers. His jigs are so uncoordinated that he really is a distraction on stage.

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