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PiercingMetal & Social Networking:

I realize that YouTube is not really a Social Networking community but since there is a PiercingMetal presence on it nowadays, I wanted to speak a little about it for those interested.

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I’ve actually had the “Channel” for a couple of years but I did not load anything up on it since I am often unsure of what exactly I can post for the audience (that was announced HERE in case you missed it). There often appears to be an issue with posts of live recordings from shows but yet at the same time there are plenty of these on the service. Since there are also a number of websites using video and showcasing this kind of stuff I am hopeful that whatever I get around to posting will be alright and not cause any issues. That would be a shame since my only goal is to support the bands that I am interested in and reviewing for the website. You might wonder why I would use such a medium when I had my own website in the first place and the answer is very simply, to keep the bandwidth down. There is no need to load videos on my own site domain and run the bandwidth past its allowed numbers when services like let you use their own. Uploading the films there also lets me get statistics about each video and that I would not be able to get on my own site for that particular kind of thing.

If you are a big person, you can click HERE to be taken to the Official PiercingMetal Channel. That was the closest I could get in terms of a name and it works fine for me. Fans of PiercingMetal are encouraged to “subscribe” to the Channel as opposed to adding me as a friend and also by liking any of the content you see us posting to help the engagement of the service. You should see announcements when new content is posted on your own pages feed and I hope you enjoy how it is used for the website. Should you want to learn more about the mechanics and function of you can check out their Wikipedia entry which is linked down below.

Update: 2/3/2011 – Hey my dear readers I’ve returned to this topic to announce that I have FINALLY uploaded a video to the channel and I thank those of you who signed up when we wrote this narrative last July because we never got around to serving you content back then. I apologize and hope that I can make this into something special going forward. The clip down below comes from a crushing performance by Nuclear Blast Records artist Eluveitie who were playing at the Gramercy Theatre in NYC. This song was the one that turned me on to the band in the first place.

Official Website:
Official Wiki:
Official PiercingMetal Channel:

One thought on “PiercingMetal & Social Networking:”

  1. My spouse has 126 music videos on youtube and received nearly half a million views over the past couple years, plus has made connections across the globe with people he regularly talks to. I’ll confess to the success of youtube and it’s importance in sharing information. I have friends who are as addicted to it as you and I were probably addicted to MTV in its pre-reality series heyday.

    Though, I’ve heard there’s a politican trying to make such streaming illegal. It’s ashame because youtube is the new MTV, let alone being very educational for a lot of non-performance stuff.

    I’ve been posting excepts of my interview podcast on here in slide show format. The views are low but the musicians are unknown. But, I’ve heard from one musician that one person hadn’t heard an interview we did (as they didn’t want to sit through the full hour show) ended up listening to it in 10 minutes chunks via youtube.

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