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PiercingMetal & Social Networking: This Is My Jam

Continuing with my series of narratives about a number of different social networks and how they are used by comes some insight on the one called “This Is My Jam”. Check it out.

Now this one was a little more up my alley because it dealt with the direct sharing of music that was currently on your mind and plays with how you would normally tell your friends about it so they could indulge in the song or band as well. Welcome to the newest Social Networking medium that they call “This Is My Jam” and I have to thank our stalwart colleague Skeleton Pete for directing me to it. Yes there are a lot of ways to share music out there thanks to the likes of Facebook and Twitter among others but this one seemed a little more unique so I decided to play around with it. Once you are at the site you can either create your account by signing in with Facebook, Twitter or starting from scratch with your email address. I decided to sign in with my Official PiercingMetal Twitter account of @piercingmetal since I am trying to use that particular medium a lot more as a journalist these days. It’s pretty straight forward and I think that it took me about five minutes to get underway.

Once I created my account I selected my first official “jam” and decided that “Quantum Symphony” by the band Unexpect would be my first choice in this experiment. You essentially search for the tune that you want to broadcast and then post a brief thought about it and make it your jam. Good fun and more especially so if it helps a band that really needs the attention and a wider audience base. This jam will stay in place for one week and then you are asked to submit another choice and so on. You can accrue followers and friends much like the other social networks that are out there. When I dug around the settings a little more I discovered that you could also connect your Facebook and Last FM account to it and as you already know I did mine with Twitter. I opted to only add my Last FM to the mix because the Facebook profile it selected was not my Official PiercingMetal Facebook page and was instead my personal profile. I’m really trying to wean off using the personal page for my Metal adventuring as much as possible lately since that is nice to have as a space to breathe every now and again outside of all the thunderous stuff that I find myself doing.

Please check out this newness and by all means search for me using “PiercingMetal”, I should be easy enough to locate. Let’s all help out some extraordinary musical talents together.

UPDATE: September 2015 – At the time of this update I regret to inform you that “This Is My Jam” has ceased operation so no new updates from its user community can be done. They maintain that the site will remain as an archive but who knows how long this will be the case given the costs of keeping a website paid for and bandwidth etc. I really enjoyed “This Is My Jam” and had been using it to help promote the bands that might not be on your radar yet. Oh well. I guess all good things do come to an end. I’ll just have to work overtime on the Official Facebook for which I hope you readers have come to visit and liked by this point.

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