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PiercingMetal & Social Networking: Klout

I’ve been on the fence about doing a post about this particular medium in the online realm because like some of the others we have briefly discussed, it is NOT a social network per se. What Klout amounts to is a kind of gauge as to what ones social media standings are based on a number of criteria that gets pooled all together from interactions on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and all the rest of them.

According to what I have read about Klout, it ranks you on a 1-100 scale and I imagine that the closer you are to 100 means the more influential in Klout you are perceived to be in terms of online influence. The account I created was set up by using my Official Twitter for because while a personal profile might have been nice, I decided to do one for the brand identity to see how it was reaching the world around it. At the time of this posting, I appear to rank a “57” Klout Score which I guess is not all that influential across its system. To be honest I am not all that concerned about that since it does not affect the way that I do things on the website and blogs that I compose for you all. The tally itself has been one of the main concerns that people have with this medium as many feel that it is not truly representative to ones true social networking impact. Who knows. To me this stuff is all subjective anyway but still fun to see how it all presents itself. Check it out…..

PiercingMetal on Klout – HERE

It’s interesting to learn how they compile one’s Klout score and you can learn all about that via their Wikipedia entry which I have added to this posting. Some hold their findings with a bit of a question about the overall validity of them and I cannot blame them because even I found a couple of things that didn’t make sense being a part of my numeric gauge. When our friends or colleagues join in on Klout and see us they can rate us as either an influencer of their own stuff or not. I do admit to being a little flattered when I see that someone I know rates me as being of influence in a particular area, but let me not get misty eyed here. One thing that did surprise me was several accounts that list under my profile as being my own influencers. Now to be honest I only have about an handful of people that influence me in Media and in the social networking side and I do not recall marking many of those listed as being influential to me. If they are automatically making me view certain profiles as influential to my own workings then I am suspect of this. Maybe this stuff will mean a lot more to you but for me its only something to give a glance to every now and again. I did update my profile to reflect my business LinkedIn and the Official Facebook Page for the website so let’s see if they have any impact on the current score.

What are your own thoughts on this kind of process? Do you think its valid or a bunch of hooey?

UPDATE 5/26/2018: It has been reported that the Klout social media service has shut down and to be honest, I never really found this one of any use so goodbye Felicia. As I noted in my original summary, I had found its measurements suspect and it really didn’t connect me with anything that I was remotely involved in. I should say that since that original narrative, I’ve really upped my game on the LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram profiles so if you are just now reading about this stuff I’d love to have you following and engaging with us on them.

Official Wikipedia Entry =

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