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PiercingMetal & Social Networking: DISQUS

Continuing along with my little overviews about some of the Social Media aspects that we encounter on a daily basis I wanted to bring up this entity known as “DISQUS”.

Now Disqus in and of itself is not a Social Networking site or medium per se, but it is a tool that let’s you better integrate several of your online homes and comment from them via one single methodology. For instance, I can comment on any number of blog posts and sites using my Facebook profile, my personal or PiercingMetal Twitter and my Google account thanks to Disqus and that is wonderful since it allows for some level of consistency across the board. The appeal is maximized since folks who click my profile will see links to my own websites and online accounts that I wish to broadcast. I am all about sharing my music adventuring but I think all of you readers know that by now.

I enabled Disqus as a commenting mechanism several months ago on both this blog and my site and its worked very well for me in terms of maintaining course. My advice to those who frequent a lot of sites and love to participate with comments of their own is that they create an account as well and get to tossing the world at large their views. Like most other mediums of this particular kind there is a free service and apparently a pay for use one but I have no interest in the latter to be quite honest. The free one works well for what I need and gives me some control over the commenting that comes in for my work. I like being able to reply right to comments from another one because that is pretty useful. I can see this working out for me a little more when I further debate doing more of my contests on the site blog as opposed to Facebook but oops, I have said too much on that last little item. Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging.

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