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A few weeks ago I posted a narrative that discussed the 2011 year in my blogging adventures and how we had used the various criteria that get written about in this particular part of PiercingMetal.com – After this went online I got to thinking. What were the most popular posts for the year in peoples minds and what were they reading more than some of the other stuff that we had offered them? With that in mind I checked the statistics for the blog and listed the Top 20 Posts that were accessed in 2011. You will notice that some of them are from previous years in addition to what was written in 2011 and I felt that it would be interesting to see the whole list as opposed to just focusing on items that were written in 2011. Clicking on the title will launch the post so please do give them a visit. Perhaps you missed it when it was first written yourself, or meant to leave a comment and didn’t. There is truly no time like the present.

1. Black Veil Brides @ Gramercy Theatre (4/15/2011)

2. Inside The Eddie Trunk Book Release Event (4/1/2011)

3. Slipknot’s Paul Gray Has Died (5/24/2010)

4. Vamp Collection by Fetty & Semi-Precious Weapons

5. Ronnie James Dio, The Godfather Of Heavy Metal Has Died (5/16/2010)

6. Black Veil Brides @ Gramercy Theatre (7/25/2011)

7. The Adventures Of Powerglove At NY Comic Con

8. Kittie @ B.B. King Blues Club (3/23/2010)

9. The Haunted @ B.B. King Blues Club (4/19/2009):

10. R.I.P. Type O Negative’s Peter Steele (4/14/2010)

11. One Year Later: Type O Negative’s Peter Steele Remembered

12. PiercingMetal Talks with Alissa White-Gluz of The Agonist

13. 2Cellos @ Le Poisson Rouge (7/28/2011)

14. The 69 Eyes are Back In Blood in The New York Groove

15. Congrats to Revolver Magazine & Their 100th Issue

16. Sonata Arctica @ Gramercy Theatre (4/5/2010)

17. Emilie Autumn @ Gramercy Theatre (2/11/2011)

18. Cactus @ B.B. King Blues Club (4/2010)

19. PiercingMetal Goes To NY Comic Con & Anime Festival 2010: Day 2 (Part Two)

20. PiercingMetal Goes To NY Comic Con & Anime Festival 2010: Day 1 (Part Two)

I had to say that the list shocked me just a little bit as well, but beyond the shock I want to send super kudos and thanks to the fans of the Black Veil Brides who seem to be digging into my concert reports about the band with voracious appetite. I was happy to see some of my more unique pieces like the one about The 69 Eyes and Powerglove getting a lot of attention since they were done with a certain flair. While glad that my memorial reports on both Peter Steele and Dio got some serious reading, the loss of these two titans in Metal still bums me out almost two years after their passing. I did chuckle when I saw how a couple of the 2010 Comic Con items were popular reads while the 2011 ones had not yet built up any steam.

Thanks again to the readers for making the Official Blog of PiercingMetal.com so much fun to do. Maybe next year I will consider focusing this kind of item as narratives written exclusively in 2012 but maybe not. That all depends on what manifests as being the most popular during this calendar year. I’ve embedded links to the folks in those popular posts so check those out and please make sure to also subscribe or follow or like the PiercingMetal website on our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube profiles. Let’s dominate the scene together.

Official Websites:
The Agonist
Black Veil Brides
Eddie Trunk
Emilie Autumn
The Haunted
New York Comic Con
Revolver Magazine
Ronnie James Dio
Semi-Precious Weapons
Sonata Arctica
The 69 Eyes
Type O Negative

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