PiercingMetal Is Nine Years Old Today (4/4/2014)

Hey there my Metal Legions, I am proud to share with you the news that PiercingMetal.com is officially nine years old today and what a ride it continues to be. I want to thank each and every one of you that hits up the domain for the review stuff or enjoys our blogs, photographs and social networking tools. While I feel that I have learned a lot in the nine years of this site being online, I find that it is still a continued learning experience and one that sharpens my creative edge each and every day. I love it and as I write this for you all, I am counting down the minutes to my next adventure.


Statistically speaking the site is showing strong Alexa.com numbers as far as its global visibility. Being a technical nerd in real life it was cool to see PiercingMetal ranked as the 101K most trafficked site on the global web and 20K in the USA. You can peruse that stuff by clicking HERE. There are a lot of you clicking our site content and we welcome that very, very much.  For the most part the site has remained the same as it was since when it hit year seven and then year eight so there is not much to speak of on that end.  There have been some of what they call “backend” changes but that is stuff that only really interests the technical people that I have in my circle so I will leave that out of my little announcement.


Content wise we are rocking the server space limits with just under 5,000 pieces of purely original content that span review articles, photo galleries and blog postings. I look forward to presenting you with the next thing that I write about or photograph.  The photo loving Metal maniacs among you would be happy to learn that there are currently over 45,000 photos in the PiercingMetal database. I’m aiming for 50K by the tenth anniversary so let’s see if it can be done.  The mental goal for overall content is a little loftier and aiming at the 6K mark which is a lot in all honesty.

Socially speaking our most ardent readership are already liking the Official Page in Facebook or following our Twitter and Instagram accounts. Facebook has made some dramatic changes to its reach which I will speak about in a different post so if you are over there just be aware that you need to stay a little more on top of it to be sure you don’t miss out. I guess following the Twitter is the best mechanism or adding our Tumblr account since that feeds the WordPress Blog stuff and will be programmed to do the same with the new site revisions. Feel free to share those mediums with your own followers and friends since the more the merrier is always better in social networking.  The geography of music sites has greatly expanded since I first pressed “post record” and while many focus the creative energy to give you close personal insight and expertise on the topic there are just as many of them (if not more) that simply copy the press releases that a medium like this receives every single day. I don’t find that fun or interesting at all and prefer to leave the continual news feeding to sites like Bravewords.com and MelodicRock who are long tenured at this craft.

Year Nine is going to come with some strong changes to the presentation as I will be morphing the Core Reviews site into a WordPress framework once I get the theme that I have decided upon to reflect a few more aspects of what I put in your sights on a regular basis. My goal is functionality and ease of access and so far this test model works. I love the WordPress software and that is why you find me blogging so much these days as well. I’ll talk more about what you readers can expect when we load that software onto the domain.  It will simplify a lot of the production side of the review process that’s for sure and allow me at least ten minutes of breathing room per day 🙂

Closing up I will again say “Thank You” to the readers for making PiercingMetal.com all the better by spending any amount of time that you give it. I still love creating its content and sharing it with you because my love of the Metal scene is stronger than ever. I hope to continue to inform, enlighten and educate you on things that are so worthy of knowing about. Believe me there is a ton of quality Metal out there and for the past nine years I have been fortunate to tell you about it via the PiercingMetal page. You can count on more reviews, more photos and of course more listings than you could ever hope to fit into your schedule on our handy calendar. “Thank You” also to the publicity resources that I consider to be allies in the quest and the promoters and marketing teams behind vast and varied shows who have graciously extended their kindness by way of more contests than you can easily sum up.  The countdown to Year Ten begins now. Peace.

Ken Pierce, Founder and Principle Creative; PiercingMetal.com

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