PiercingMetal Goes To The Brooklyn Springtime Guitar Show (4/1/2012)

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Last Autumn, my good friend and occasional comrade en arms Skeleton Pete hit the Brooklyn Guitar Show that was being hosted by our fellow music scribe Lisa Sharken at the Brooklyn Bowl. We had such a great time and documented the proceedings HERE in case you want to check it out. With that being the case, when Lisa said that they were doing it once again in the Spring we locked it into the schedule to be a part of it.  Come along with us in this blog post so you can see what kind of stuff you missed out on.

Our hosts for the show would be Lisa Sharken and DJ Uncle Mike. Here we find them at the DJ Booth where Mike would be spinning the tunes all day.

Hosts Lisa Sharken & DJ Uncle Mike

Here’s a table loaded with beautiful guitars.  This one belonged to The Strumming Monkey (you can see the mascot down in front of the blue guitar).  They were one of the many buyer/seller tables at the show.

Strumming Monkey says “Choose Your Axe”

Our friend and fellow Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show buddy Big T. is found representing Lang Amplifiers.

Lang Amplifiers

The Pigtronix effects were at the ready for those who wished to try them out.


Lots of stuff here with the display of Pickboy picks, Taurus FX pedals, R Cocco strings and UltraStrap guitar straps from Osiamo.com

Osiamo.com Display

Next up are their Taurux FX and Mooer Audio micro pedals from Osiamo.com

Taurus FX by Osiamo
Mooer Audio Micro Pedals by Osiamo

Here’s our provider of tunes for the day – DJ Uncle Mike….

DJ Uncle Mike Spins It Up

Next up a very funny pose by our talented friends Joe Kaufman and Larry Corban.

Joe Kaufman and Larry Corban

One of the big names that attended the show today was Mark “The Animal” Mendoza and here we find him lifting Lisa high above the ground with ease.

The Animal and the Guitar Goddess

Here’s Mark with DJ Uncle Mike

DJ Uncle Mike & Mark Mendoza

Next up, Mark shows his appreciation for all the Twisted Sister coverage on PiercingMetal.com

Fellow Media Friends. Never Make An Animal Mad….

This was interesting.  Presenting the Porchboard.  You tap your foot on this and it makes a bass tone.  This is perfect for those who play in a single guitar/singer situation and need a little bottom.  The creator of the device said that even some drummers buy them and use them with a snare drum and high hat.  It could work.  Cool idea.


Check out these beauties from Cobra Guitars in these next two photos.

Cobra Guitars Displayed

and someone is trying out the stuff…..

More from Cobra Guitars

Here is the massive display of axe coolness from retailer Southside Guitars.

Southside Guitars

These fine folks are part of the La Bella strings family.  Here is Eric and Lorenza, it was nice to meet them at the show today.

La Bella Strings

Plenty of guitars to choose from Mountain Cat Guitars.  Dig it.

Mountain Cat Guitars

Next up we find the display table and wares of the Lazy B Cigar Box Guitars.  These cool instruments had an interesting sound and a fantastic price.  It was very easy to walk out of the guitar show with one of these under your arm.

Lazy B Cigar Box Guitars

Here is the display of Vibramate stuff which is a part of the Gretsch Gear table.  I’ll have weblinks for all of these companies at the end of the post so you can do a little more research on your own.

Vibramate Stuff by Gretsch Gear

A quick hello to the Phil Jones Bass table

Phil Jones Bass

This table is from Richie’s Guitar Shop….

Richie’s Guitar Shop

With guitars one needs strings, and here is the table from DR Strings.

DR Strings

And here is their “NEON” line…..shinetastic

DR Strings NEON

Back at Lang Amps, our own Skeleton Pete gives them a whirl….

Skeleton Pete samples Lang Amps

Get bottom heavy with these Sandberg basses (they are distributed by Phil Jones Bass who we saw just a few photos above).

Sandberg Basses

We met these cool cats wandering the floor and showing off their BURNMethod stuff.  They are a team of artists, designers and craftspeople who do custom work on guitars, straps and more.  Check out their coolness in these next few photos from the show.

Team BurnMethod

Sweet design by BurnMethod


You know you love this one the best don’t you.  I know I did….


It was great to find Testament’s Alex Skolnick at the guitar show today.  We’re fans of his playing over on PiercingMetal.com and I am sure that you agree this is an easy stand to take.  Here is Lisa and Alex…

Lisa Sharken & Alex Skolnick

Hey its comic artist Nelson….


The BurnMethod folks were super excited to see Skolnick at the show so I snapped a photo and hey Larry where did you come from LOL.  It’s alright……

Larry, Alex Skolnick & BurnMethod

The Lazy B Cigar Box guitars caught Alex’s eye so he gave them a whirl.

Skolnick Test Drives The Cigar Box Guitar

and another of his quick test drive jam on the Lazy B Cigar Box Guitars

Skolnick Test Drives The Cigar Box Guitar

And one more for good measure.  I am used to blasting a lot of shots of Skolnick on the Metal stages so was getting into my zone during the show.  My favorite moment from this part of the day was the group of South American Metalheads who were walking around.  As the group passed by the last one saw Alex and looked at me quizzically.  I silently mouthed the words “yes, its him” and all of a sudden the texting was going on and his party returned to watch the spontaneous demo.  Pretty funny to watch from the sidelines.

Here is NYC musician Kirk Yano….

Kirk Yano & Guitar Show Lovely

Here is a better shot of Alex Skolnick and the BurnMethod Folks.

Alex Skolnick Examines BurnMethod Stuff

I caught Skolnick a little later on at the Lang Amps table as he tested their gear and snapped a couple of shots of him doing this.  There is some video to enjoy at the end of the posting and before you ask, yes Alex was okay with all of this.  He is playing a Sheridan guitar in case you wondered about that.  You guitar fans often are.

Alex Skolnick Jams
Testament’s Alex Skolnick

String ‘Em Up with the stuff available at the Basura Table…..

Strings Everywhere at Basura’s Table

Sweetness care of Rudy’s Music……

Rudy’s Music Present & Accounted For

Here are the dudes from Sheridan and most specifically Tom Dowd and Luke Sheridan

Sheridan Guitars & Basses: Tom Down & Luke Sheridan

Here is the display from First Flight Music

First Flight Music

Here is another shot of Kirk Yano along with Rudy Pensa from Rudy’s Music and Jimmy Carbonetti.  They were all  having a good time today and that is what this event was all about.

L2R: Kirk Yano, Rudy Pensa & Jimmy Carbonetti

Here is DJ Uncle Mike and Alex

DJ Uncle Mike & Alex Skolnick

Here is Eric Prestigiacomo, Rik Mercaldi and Nelson Delcastro.  Eric is a NYC guitarist while Rik owns Strumming Monkey.  Nelson is of course from the illustrated realm and has done comics for both DC Comics and Marvel Comics.

L2R: Eric, Rik and Nelson

The table of Champtone Custom Guitars

Champtone Custom Guitars

As you already saw in the images, the great Alex Skolnick was one of the many great guitar players in attendance at the Brooklyn Springtime Guitar Show. I asked him if he wouldn’t mind doing a quick Testament riff for the home viewing audience and he kindly obliged. Check it out.

He continued on with some other technical excellence while getting an earful of what the Lang Amplifiers offered him as a musician.

Thanks again to Lisa Sharken and DJ Uncle Mike for hosting the event and especially to Brooklyn Bowl’s Peter Shapiro for having a kick ass place to enjoy the whole thing in. We shall see you all for the Fall show for sure.  As promised here are a bunch of links that will take you to the official sites of the people, providers and players that we mentioned.

Official Websites:
Brooklyn Guitar Show Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/BrooklynGuitarShow
Brooklyn Bowl: http://www.brooklynbowl.com/
Alex Skolnick: http://www.alexskolnick.com/
Twisted Sister: http://twistedsister.com/
Porchboard: http://porchboard.com/
LaBella Strings: http://www.labella.com/
BurnMethod: http://www.burnmethod.com/
Lang Amplifiers: http://www.langamps.com/
DR Strings: http://www.drstrings.com/
Lazy B Cigar Box Guitars: http://www.lazybcigarguitars.com/
Vibramate: http://www.vibramate.com/index.php
Kirk Yano: http://www.myspace.com/kirkyano/
Phil Jones Bass: http://www.philjonespuresound.com/
The Strumming Monkey: http://www.thestrummingmonkey.com/
Cobra Guitars: http://www.cobraguitars.com
Southside Guitars: www.southsideguitars.com
Mountain Cat Guitars: www.mountaincatguitars.com
Gretsch Gear: www.gretschgear.com
Sandberg Guitars: www.sandberg-guitars.de
Rudys Music: www.rudysmusic.com
Sheridan Basses: www.sheridanbasses.com
First Flight Music: www.firstflightmusic.com
Osiamo: http://www.osiamo.com/

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