PiercingMetal Goes To NY Comic Con 2011: Day 4; Part 2

Yes my fiends we are closing in on that elusive topic we call “The End” but you still have a little bit of a journey ahead of you so please catch your breath and take a sip of water because there is more at the click of your mouse and a motion on your scroll button. Welcome back to PiercingMetal’s very extensive presentation of NY Comic Con 2011. Tipping is by all means encouraged.

Here’s another shot of the lovely Chandra Free and her book “The God Machine” (on which she is the writer and artist). I wanted to snare a solo image of her and this is the one that she preferred of the pair that I shot. One does have to indulge the fair maidens after all.

Chandra Free and "The God Machine" Book

Here is Tim Beedle and the “Fraggle Rock” book he worked on.  Both Chandra and he were sitting at the Archaia Entertainment booth.  If you asked they would oblige with a photo or signature of course.

Tim Beedle and "Fraggle Rock" book

I stuck around the Archaia booths to give their creatives some love and here is Miss Kate Kasenow and Andrew Rostan.  Very happy to see all the convention goers for sure.

Kate Kasenow and Andrew Rostan

Here’s Jason Rea and Jason Becker.  Loved the “Buy My Comic Book” sign.  Good luck guys.

Jason Rea and Jason Becker

Continuing along we meet a very modern Harley Quinn and a Zombie Chick who is not yet the worst for wear.

Harley Quinn Cosplay and Zombette

Here is artist Amanda Rachels.  She is the creative force behind “Clown Town”. She was holding court at the Inverse Press booth.

Amanda Rachels and "Clown Town"

Clearly the blockbuster adventure hit of the summer was “Captain America The First Avenger” and here is another great Cap wandering the Con.

Captain America Cosplay

Feeling ill?  Then these lovely Nurses of Cosplay will try to help you along.

Cosplay Nurses

Do you watch “30 Rock”?  I have to admit that I never followed it before I started seeing a choice episode here and there late and night.  Anyways, here is “Dotcom” one of the shows characters.  That’s actually Walter Slattery.  It was nice to see him meeting some fans but this was one of those appearances that struck me as being more suited to Chiller Theatre.  I apologize if I’ve said that before but it’s been on my mind.

William "Dotcom" Slattery

Next up…..a Yeti!!!  He was part of the “Hero, Villain, Yeti” booth we saw earlier in the Con.  Nice folks over there and I must admit that I want to see this museum.

Hero, Villain.....Yeti!!

Now we see our furry friend with The Green Lama.  I had to admit that I thought she was dressing as a female version of The Spectre but she made sure to correct me.  Oh well.  It happens.

The Green Lama and the Yeti

Here’s the creative team behind “Hellvis”; Pat Vitagliano and Cory Marier.  Hellvis is an independent comic that features the adventures of a zombie in the Underworld.  Creepy.

Team Hellvis

Here’s the Puppet Heap booth again, and this time there was a show going on.  Quite amusing to say the least.

A Puppet Heap puppet show

Make way for Zombie Mario.  Fortunately he missed me entirely but I guess he could no longer detect any brains in me after four days of wandering the convention.  I was at the mush stage to be quite honest.

Zombie Mario Cosplay

These two Anime Cosplayers were incredible.  Sadly I am generally at a loss for the names.

Dramatic Cosplay

Here’s a couple of the KREO Transformers wandering the other side of the convention.   It was time for me to make my way down towards the autograph section of the event.

KRE-O Transformers Optimus Prime & Bumblebee

This cosplay of The Baroness meant business.  I swore to her that being in an online medium presentation was pretty much more important than a print in this day and age so she lowered her weapons and continued on into the convention.  Talk about a close call.

Cosplayer, The Baroness

Here’s some coolness going on at the Propworx Booth.  What we see below are two lovelies dressed in Stark Expo best while the middle girl is representing S.H.I.E.L.D. – This was a great booth and uhm not just because of the models.

Representing Propworx

This was my first Scarlet Witch cosplay and I had never before seen a Master Shake cosplay.  The Shake is from Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 (which was at one time called “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”).  I’ve yet to see an episode but perhaps can find it on Netflix since many friends think its a rip.

The Scarlet Witch and Master Shake Cosplay

Tell me that this Jack Skellington Cosplay is not the coolest of the cool and I might have to slap you around a little bit.

Jack Skellington Cosplay

Clearly this was the “Nightmare during Comic Con” and as you might notice, Mr. Skellington is a fan of the Metal as he shows off the horns…..

Jack Skellington Loves Metal

Down in the autograph alley area they also had a few of the famous film cars.  Here’s the Batmobile from the Michael Keaton Batman films.  Sleek looking means of transport don’t you think?

Batman's Batmobile

Set the flux-capacitor for fun as the famous “Back To The Future” Delorean opens its doors for fans.  I LOVED these films.  Great fun, and a must watch trilogy for any who have not yet seen them.

Delorean Time Machine from "Back To The Future" Trilogy

 I also snapped a photo of the Delorean from the front.

Front View of the Delorean Time Machine

There were quite a few Mandalorians at the convention.  A whole clan when it came down to it.

A Mandalorian Warrior

One of the other Mandalorians opted for some fencing with a convention goer

Into Battle

Here’s a very friendly Black Canary Cosplay

Black Canary Cosplay

Here’s one of the signs warning the fans not to bother the assembled celebs for photos at the table.  Personally if you are charging $25 and up for a photo to fans you should let them do it.  Just my two cents.

Publicity for Celebrity Edict

Of course Judah Friedlander was willing to shake anyone’s hand and even pose for press folks who asked him if he wouldn’t mind this.

Mr. Judah Friedlander

Hey look who we found just off the main super duper line, it was none other than Mr. Jerry “The King” Lawler.   Did you know that Jerry has held about 164 championships over the course of his career?  Well, you do now.

Jerry "The King" Lawler

Right next to Jerry’s table was another wrestler.  The man named Raven.  I’ve heard that he is currently associated with the JCW or Juggalo Championship Wrestling.  Sigh.  Juggalos.

Raven The Wrestler

This was a surprise.  I didn’t think people still played “Magic”.  I remember the initial craze for this stuff but the whole card gaming collectible market eluded me.

Learn Magic (The Game)

Some representers of the Empire City Garrison

and wow, another Cobra Commander cosplayer.  This one looked authentic and much better than what fans got in the recent live action film.

Cobra Commander Cosplay

Next up we ran into Lord Darth Vader.

Darth Vader Cosplay? Or Real Deal?

This half-masked Vader was interesting as well.  Big dude, so I let him pass without incident.

Vader Unmasked

One of the big news items for the Comic Con this year was that Voltron Defender Of The Universe had been optioned for a feature film.  That will be exciting if they do it justice.  I remember this character fondly from my youth and everyone I knew seemed to enjoy it.  Welcome back Voltron.


Last year I saw an AMAZING Optimus Prime Cosplay and wow, here he was again but wait…..this was a different guy and a different costume but still just as frigging amazing.  I caught up with him and asked him to don the helmet even though it was super duper hot for him to do so.  Thanks man.

Optimus Prime Cosplay

Here’s the table for Amanda Conner.  She was hard at work on some sketches for fans so I did not want to disturb her.  I suggest if visiting Amanda’s table is on your to do list that you get there early because there was quite a queue waiting on her time.

Amanda Conner Sketches

Here is our new friend Echo Chernik, we think her artwork is super.

Echo Chernik

This cosplayer is bursting with electricity and poised ready to strike…..

Quite Shocking

A very lovely Cosplayer.

Smile Comic Fans

Here’s the table for artist Rodney Ramos.  Nice guy and he had a sign saying that he was “NOT Humberto Ramos”.  I could not resist teasing him a little bit about that.  It brought a chuckle.

Rodney Ramos

Here is a great Zatanna Cosplay.  She was weaving some magic for sure.

Zatanna Cosplay

Hey look who it is, that’s actress Carrie Preston who plays Arlene Fowler on HBO’s “True Blood”.  Did you know she is married to Michael Emerson (Benjamin Linus from “Lost”).  She was a nice surprise to see and looked even better in person than on television.

Actress Carrie Preston

Here’s another couple of cool Cosplayers but I was unsure who they were supposed to be.

These next few femme fatales were a part of the Troopers Touch films booth.  They release high energy action films like “Alpha Wave 47” and “Ikenhisu”.   I did not catch everyone’s name unfortunately.

Amy Chang aka Ikenhisu

Now this was an amusing way to close part of my day.  This smiling lass is a very happy Vaj as she said.  She was a part of the Vagicons group and her character is “Fluffy Muffy”.   I must admit that she caught me speechless when she learned of my brand name and asked if I was there to pierce her.  That is not very easy to do I will admit.

A Happy Vaj

How are you holding up? Still up for a little more? Well, if you answered “Yes” that is a good thing because we are down to the wire with the lengthy presentation about this years NY Comic Con. Don’t stop now and please stay tuned for the Final Chapter…..and don’t forget to hit some of the people mentioned up on their links. I am sure that they would love that.

Official Websites:
Chandra Free: http://spookychan.com/
Tim Beedle: http://www.wordsthatstay.com/
Archaia Entertainment: http://www.archaia.com/
Kate Kasenow: http://katekaz.blogspot.com/
Andrew Rostan: https://twitter.com/#!/andrewrostan
Amanda Rachels: https://twitter.com/#!/AmandaRachels
Vagicons: http://vagicons.com/

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